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2 Tips for How I Lost Weight by Choosing 3 Food Items

  1. Satisfying my chocolate cravings
  2. Happy hour still happening
  3. Coffee still being creamed

I didn’t work out all day. I didn’t even stop eating or drinking what I wanted, but I changed up the elemental particle ingredients a bit and lost 16 pounds by doing this. I still have chocolate each night, I still drink alcohol, and I still have a few cups of coffee each day. Your body is made up of elemental particles that make up the Universe. Your body is mostly made up of water, but there are some gases thrown into the mix, too (which explains so much…am I right, ladies?). Haha!

How I Lost Weight

Before I performed an experiment on myself to figure out HOW to “lose weight”, I had to observe my behavior in order to understand WHY I was doing the things I was doing with food, my thoughts, and my emotions. Here is what I was able to figure out between October and April and how I lost 16 pounds without hitting the gym or using a home-gym:

Tip #1

Understand what you are grabbing to eat and WHY you are grabbing it. Do ManiFAST observations for a week with your laptop, journal, or spiral:

  • Right before you eat, jot down what you are choosing to eat, “I choose to eat…”
  • Jot down your feelings and why you are choosing it, “I choose to eat…because I feel (ex: stressed, sad, bored)…”
  • Jot down why you feel this way, “I feel (stressed, sad, bored) because my coworker hasn’t returned my calls or replied to my emails…”

Change up your elemental particle ingredients. Example: switch the chocolate granola bar for an Atkins shake. Put down the Moscato and grab a White Claw instead. Mix your fav creamer with less sugared or sugar-free creamer.

Flip the script by focusing on gaining rather than on lack. Write out, “I am gaining less mass of 5 lbs and I feel better because I have more energy, my skin looks clearer,…”

Tip #2

Have a “bad day” backup plan. Write into Reality all the actions that bring you back into alignment for those days you feel off-kilter with yourself. Example: taking a nap, doing breathing meditation, ManiFAST writing of gratitude, cuddling with your pets or significant other, listening to your fav music, etc. Need help flipping your mindset around for the better? Grab my best-selling book, Don’t Feel Stuck!, and ManiFAST: Manifest Faster!

Special thanks to Noom for the electronic food log and nutritional info. All products mentioned I pay for myself, I’m just a fan of them and I lost weight!

XOXO Jaclyn

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