3 Reasons Why People Love Manifestation Journals

3 Reasons Why People Love Manifestation Journals
(New Thinking Magazine Article)

I was recently asked to guest-write an article for New Thinking Magazine. Their mission is “to generate the kind of pragmatic thinking and sharp observation that make readers look twice, and perhaps ponder another point of view.” Their platform covers vast topics such as business, leadership, innovation, sports, politics, culture, and sustainability. My article is about health (my life’s passion for wellness, good mental health, and manifestation).

In this article, I describe three reasons why people love manifestation journals and how it helps them to manifest their goals. I discuss the use of visualization, their how-to guidance, and how they help you regain your power. It enables you to use the Law of Attraction, maintain mental wellness, and succeed in your career and life.

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XOXO Jaclyn
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