Hey Sensational Soul!

Vacation is winding down for me and I want to take a quick few moments to pop into your inbox and remind you of this- in case you need some spiritual ass-kicking since I have been gone relishing in the Eagles concert and celebrating my soulmate’s birthday:

If You Are Tired, Get Some Rest!

There is NO REASON to constantly push yourself into doing things if you are tired at the moment. YES, it’s important to be consistent in taking inspired actions, DAILY; however, if you are tired one day, REST. Your soul needs to be well-rested in order to EFFECTIVELY communicate with your mindset and the Universe simultaneously. In addition, merely, you ARE allowed to take a break.

Take A Break, But Don’t Give Up Altogether

Each and every day you are moving closer and closer. Each and every day you ARE manifesting towards your soul’s new reality AS LONG AS what you are thinking, feeling, and doing are positive thoughts, feelings, and actions. So what if you have a hard day or a “bad” day. Who cares! We are all human, just rest and take care of yourself. Get back up tomorrow and KEEP GOING.

You Are Your Own Superhuman

Do you think I am just 100% on the ball 100% of the time? Hell no! I am human, and part of being a masterful manifestor as a human being is the ability to be able to give yourself the rest your soul and mindset need in order to speed up your manifestations working WITH the Universe. You have seen the quote before, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Well, this is extremely accurate. How do you expect to attract more of the same when you are so freaking tired on some days?

In Conclusion

Take a break, take a rest, and TRUST that you are doing SO MUCH MORE than you realize in manifesting your soul’s NEW reality! And believe me, you ARE manifesting what you desire. Trust the process, trust your soul’s intuition, trust the Universe- and after you have rested, go seize the day by taking more inspired actions! Be consistent! You CAN do this- and it’s actually a LOT EASIER than you are thinking it is to manifest so many of your desires into your life- and quickly! Just don’t give a f*ck and KEEP GOING!

So relax, have fun, do not worry so much, just take it easy, and FOCUS on thoughts that feel empowering, FOCUS on feelings that feel GOOD, and FOCUS on following your soul’s nudges by taking those inspirations and turning them into inspired actions! The Universe is responding to you, you’ve totally got this!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn


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