I am sending this to anyone who needs this gentle reminder today:

What are you focusing on?

Is it a limiting thought and/or belief?

Why are you focusing on it?

Is it something that is EXPECTED of you to think and believe from others?

Is it something that credibly still NEEDS to serve you in the present?

Why are you choosing to hold on to it in the present?

Think about your soul’s path: is it helping you to move TOWARDS your new reality?

What does your soul truly crave? Why?


Everyone you admire for being, for doing, or having what your soul is craving is a human being. And YOU are a human being. The Universe is limitless, it is full of abundance, it is exploding with prosperity that it is ready to give to each and every one of you. And it DOES want to give it to you. It responds to YOU. Those humans who are, who are doing, and who have were once in your similar shoes. They had a dream, too, and they went after their dream by taking inspired actions to SHOW the Universe what their soul truly craves. And you ARE worthy of receiving as well. The Universe is so freaking abundant! You CAN, you WILL, and you ARE right at this moment. You ARE manifesting your soul’s desires right now. Keep going. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Love yourself. You ARE worthy and deserving of this.

Carpe Diem! 
Journal Girl Jaclyn