I cried. I cried myself to sleep the other night. I’m human, it’s normal. In fact, it’s necessary to cry sometimes. The universe is rearranging things on our path to help us achieve and have our goals in life. A hard day does not mean it’s not happening for you at all. Sometimes things that we think aren’t happening for us actually ARE because the universe is working itself to help you out by clearing things out of the way. The universe is always working for us, for our highest good. If we want something, sometimes we feel the universe isn’t bringing it to use; but, it’s actually bringing it to us in a much BETTER form. I’ve experienced this several times in my life. It doesn’t mean I don’t have down moments or I don’t cry because of it. I am human, crying is a form of cleansing.

The universe is ALWAYS working for us- acknowledge the feeling, then RELEASE it. Cleanse yourself, feel it, get it out, and then get back up and KEEP GOING. Take time for yourself, love yourself, be gentle and kind to yourself, and make sure you are being your mind’s own leader and cheerleader. Like a stock market graph, it goes up and down and then goes up again. Keep your mindset in check, OVERALL. Our human brain and emotions are signals from our soul asking us if we still want it, and if we do, we KEEP GOING.

And we keep thinking about the goal in that we already ARE and HAVE, and we keep FEELING into the goal as if it’s ALREADY done. And we keep doing this and then relax, have fun, and KNOW that it’s DONE! We keep living and focusing on positive thoughts, positive emotions, we keep ourselves in alignment and flow- and we forget about the “prize” at the end for most of the day because subconsciously focusing on the “prize” all of the time is telling the universe we have a lack of it.

So we just KNOW, we BELIEVE, we FEEL it’s DONE and already in existence. And we relax, we have fun, we just enjoy anything and everything in life each day because we ARE moving closer to our life goals. This is how I manifest things, people, and events into my life. There is no secret, I journal DAILY and train my mindset into second-nature thinking and feeling. I just focus on the positive and feeling GOOD. I don’t allow the negativity, the fears, and anything else that brings me down be the main engine in my mindset and my feelings. I acknowledge, and then I let it pass, I release it, and I KEEP GOING.

You’ve got this!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn