LET’S TALK! I woke up this morning and I realized this past week I have been allowing my fears to take control of a lot of my actions these last few days. For example, I’m writing my journal workbook and I’m at the editing stage of it. I kept thinking, “what if it’s not good enough? What if people don’t feel like I have helped them? What if it doesn’t sell? What if I put in all of this energy into this workbook and it flops?”

Obviously, I have this vision of myself as being a published author and continuing to work as an online personal mentor coach. Establishing this vision has not been the problem. And while for the most part I am turning up my dial and leveling up in increments in my life and my business, I lost my self-antennae and allowed my fears to start creeping back up. And guess what!? Newsflash! I’m human. It’s okay, and everything is going to be okay! I wrote my journal workbook and did my 4 online programs out of FAITH-based mentality, and they worked out well for me. So right before launch-date of my workbook, I’m allowing my fears to creep back in.

Here is the truth of the matter: there ARE billions of people in this world, my journal workbook is going to be available online via a few different platforms. There are people out there that this workbook IS going to speak to them and help them! So fears, poof!, be gone!

Take your fears and play the devil’s advocate! Flip it around and make the case as to WHY it IS working out for you and your life!

Are you taking inspirational actions? Or, are you taking fear-based actions?

When you go about your daily living, are you committing to the name-brand or the generic-brand in life?

Are you remaining in your current level because you are too scared to level up? Are you living your life through fear-based actions, or faith-based actions?

You are your own engine, you get to choose how much you accelerate. You are the volume dial, you get to choose how much you turn up the sweet sounds of your favorite music that IS your life! Check into your mindset several times per day, don’t allow the noise of others distract you from your life goal. And if they do, it’s okay, we are human. Pick yourself back up and take control of the dial again. Put more gas into your tank and rev up your engine as much as you want. You can’t go from point A to point B by not pushing on the accelerator. You can’t listen to your favorite music if you don’t turn up the volume.

When you get in your car with the intention of going to your desired location, you don’t sit in the car and do nothing. You put your foot on the accelerator and you go in FAITH that you are getting to your desired destination. So why aren’t you doing this in LIFE? And when we are in our cars, we don’t just let it be silent. We turn up the volume dial and get into alignment and flow ON THE WAY to our desired destination! YES! This is what I’m talking about! Like attracts like, GO with the intention and the FAITH that you are getting to your desired destination! If you allow your fears to control your actions, you ARE going to get what your main focal point has been because it’s the law of attraction. The vibrations you are putting out there is what is signaling to the universe.

If you want to level up, you CAN do it. Whether you slam your foot onto the accelerator and crank up your volume dial; or, slowly push the accelerator and gradually turn up the volume on the dial…doesn’t matter. Do what FEELS in flow and alignment with you. Feel those inspirational nudges, and DO take action when you are currently in those feelings! In order to get yourself into flow and alignment, do your mindset work DAILY. Journal every single day around positive mindset and positive living. Write out your life goals, big and small, listen to your favorite music, watch an inspirational video or listen to a motivational speaker, drink your favorite coffee (name-brand) because you DESERVE to feel good and in flow. You ARE allowed to feel in alignment and feel inspired. You ARE worthy of this! And then take those inspirational actions in FAITH-based mentality and level up, bit by bit.

I was scared to write my journal workbook, I always wanted to publish something; but, I allowed my fears to keep me from doing it. And now I’m doing it, I’m realizing the outcome is seriously happening and I’m super excited! Yeah, I can CHOOSE to focus on my fears, but it doesn’t feel good AT ALL to do so. I’m choosing to continue to take actions around this with FAITH-based intentions. The universe is ALWAYS working for us however we tune it. Negative thoughts lead to negative feelings that create negative vibrations. It’s okay! Pick yourself back up and turn your dial the other direction so you can FEEL and LIVE to the sweet sounds of your favorite music that is your life! And accelerate towards your life goals! You’ve got this!

PS- my book’s scheduled launch-date is now Christmas Day! I’m currently putting together the final chapter, working with the artist for the images, and my editor is kicking my ASS (as she should!) to bring it to the professional level for readers! I’m so excited to help you dive into your subconscious and motivate YOU to live your life in the way that you deserve!!!!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn