Hi Sensational Souls!

I wasn’t going to write until tomorrow, but I felt called to send an email NOW. Someone on this list serv needs to hear this:

Are you making excuses about your life? Do you want to change jobs? Write a book? Take that trip? Get a divorce? Get married? Have a baby? Own your own business? Lose weight? Pay off your debt? I could go on…

Take a look around you and review your peer situation. Are you spending the majority of your time with loving, encouraging, and supportive family and friends? What about your spouse? What about your coworkers on your lunch break? Are you seriously spending your energy around people who lift you up? Or, are you draining your own self-love and energy around people who are negative and make you feel small in this world?

You are NOT small! Stop playing small! We are NOT guaranteed tomorrow, we only have today. So, if you read this and you think about all of your friends, family members, your spouse, your coworkers, and they leave you feeling uninspired, holy SHIFT it’s time to make some EMPOWERING changes in your life! And guess what? It starts with YOU. Only you have the keys to unchain yourself from your negative Nellys. Only you have the power to start taking positive and self-loving steps into a new and positive journey that you SO DESERVE to be on. Whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, etc., you are ALLOWED to be happy in your life!

Start reading empowering books, join empowering Facebook groups, find a mentor, join hobby groups on meetup.com (for example), there are SO MANY resources out in the world to HELP you on your journey. There is no need to make any more excuses, the only thing holding you back is YOU. It’s not your money, it’s not your time, it’s not your job, it’s YOU (in other words, your fears, your worries, your anxiety, your stress, I could go on…). YOU are holding yourself back. Why are you playing small? We are NOT promised tomorrow, so start taking your power back right NOW.

You CAN do this! I totally believe in you! 🙂 Just start with baby steps if you feel comfortable doing so, and keep going with these steps every single day. Make sure you surround yourself with encouraging people, not those who think small and play in your fears. It’s SO IMPORTANT! I cannot stress this enough- the negative Nellys will just enable your excuses. What are you waiting for? You CAN do this!

Anchor, my 5-day online program starts THIS Friday! For these 5 days I will share techniques and empowering mindset activities that will INSPIRE you and help you to ANCHOR in your new, positive, and self-loving belief system! I helped a friend manifest $6,000 in less than 3 weeks in one of my programs, you’ve got this! Whatever it is, you CAN do this!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn