Hi Sensational Souls!

Happy Thursday! A member in our Manifest It! Facebook community asked how to manifest a dream job. Hopefully these tips will help you if this is something you are also manifesting for your new dream reality! However, if not, you can still utilize the tips to help you in manifesting whatever it is you want for your life!

Start with writing down a list of morals and values you truly do not negotiate at all when it comes to your career. For example, I would refuse to work for a company that doesn’t give back to charity. This is just an example! So write down your MUSTS when it comes to the company values that match your own morals and values.

Then, you could always join Facebook groups that pertain to the industry you want to manifest as your career. For example, if you want to work in journalism, start searching and joining Facebook groups with members who are journalists. You need a good support system to help encourage you and Facebook groups, as well as supportive friends, can help you to not only gain knowledge around your new career, but to also provide the moral support in how they were able to get into your shared dream career. In addition, Googling in general about how to get experience and knowledge that is needed for your dream career is resourceful as well!

Lastly, make sure you do your mindset journaling DAILY around already having and being in your dream career. So for example, “I am so incredibly thankful I am working in…because it brings feelings of…” or “Working as a…IS about to happen soon and I feel…” You can even write things like, “I know the universe is manifesting my new dream career in…very soon and I am going to do…in this dream career!” Whatever you list as what you are going to do in your dream career, like your next steps while in your career, START doing them! It will help you to get even closer to your manifestation! Remember, the universe responds to your feelings and actions, so SHOW the universe what you want! And start ACTING from a place of already having it!

Be flexible to different options. For example, there is a member who loves the industry she is in, but the company/people she works for are not her most ideal. So she is applying to other companies within her dream industry so that she can still do her dream job. The universe serves us what we want, but sometimes it serves us with even BETTER opportunities than we first imagined surrounding our new dream reality! And remember, just because you got a “no” after an interview doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough, it just means something even better in your dream industry IS coming to you! So KEEP GOING! The universe is bringing you what is the best fit for YOU because of your morals and values you listed as a MUST! You’ve got this! I’m so excited for you!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn