It’s so easy to just revert back to your “old” ways. It’s easy and familiar to play small in your life and in your business. It’s so easy to make decisions based upon familiarity.

BUTTTTT…do you think continuing this cyclical pattern brings MORE abundance to you? If you are wondering why MORE money, your IDEAL love, MORE clients in your business, BETTER health, and overall MORE happiness and joy in your life hasn’t come to you yet…it’s because you are NOT willing to ALLOW for change to happen in your life.

Believe me, I get it. I understand how you feel. I used to be the same way in my life and in my business.

I spent the last 7-8 months trying to “do the dos” in order to PROVE that by solely taking action I will MANIFEST MORE into my life. I work 12-15 hours each day, I offer a lot of freebies to so many beautiful souls around the world, I build my programs and publish my books, I perform my mindset journaling DAILY. I do the dos and I am consistent as fuck!

And don’t get me wrong, I’ve manifested some SWEET ASS blessings into my life including:
Surpassing one of Deepak Chopra’s and Eckhart Tolle’s books in my Amazon sales ranking for my book, Don’t Feel Stuck!
Being featured on The Secret’s Stories website for a few days in what I do for a living in order to master manifesting.
Being in the top 40 of the “spiritual transformational” book category on Amazon for Don’t Feel Stuck!
Being in the top 40,000 sales ranking in a sea of 8 million plus books on Amazon!
Somehow manifesting tix closer to the front of the stage at a Paul McCartney concert (and paying a third of the price for it, not to mention other free perks I got from my purchase such a free CDs mailed to me, great parking, and money off any hotel of my choice!).
There’s MORE, but I’m having a hard time remembering what happened in 2018 versus what happened in 2017:

1) manifested my own thriving Manifest It! company;

2) manifesting my IDEAL relationship;

3) Being credited in a Hollywood short film;

4) losing 21 pounds without deliberately trying to do so (all because of my Mastering Manifesting journaling);

5) received a brand-new car of my choice;

6) received a brand-new washer/dryer set of my choice;

7) receiving an extra $7K between 2017 and 2018 out of the blue;

8) being in the top 30,000 in my Amazon sales rank out of 8 million plus books;

9) there is MORE, but I cannot think of everything right now!

Regardless of my success and blessings I have manifested, doing the dos 100% of the time without leveling UP in the process can have you feeling stagnant or “stuck” because you are in the familiar territory. It’s good to get outside of your comfort zone, break through your shell sometimes, and not only set your manifesting intentions for BIGGER blessings to come into your, but to ALSO do the dos while leveling UP into your version 2.0 mindset. This is how you speed UP your manifestation process!

With 2018 coming to a close, and 2019 emerging

It’s time to break out of my shell of comfort again. It’s time to mix things up, and it’s time to call in even MORE blessings into my life! Playing small and being comfortable is NOT going to allow for MORE into my life. It’s time to RELEASE more fears and ALLOW for ALL my blessings to come into my life.

And the same goes for you, too! You ARE allowed to live your life with MORE: more joy, more happiness, more money, more clients, more health, more love, more success, and more of anything and everything you really long to have in your life.

And you ARE manifesting regardless of how you approach it because you are a being who constantly have tiny, fast-moving particles of energy flying around and taking shape, making the matter, that IS you. So why not use the Law of Attraction boomerang effect in your FAVOR!? Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, Einstein stated this. It can be shaped and moved around.

And you can SET your manifesting intentions, your TRUE, FEARLESS manifesting intentions, and watch how fast everything comes together to you, FOR you, and your blessings are delivered to you with some EXTRA AMAZING gifts!

Are you ready to take charge of your life!?

Are you ready to master manifesting ALL you want into your physical realm!? Are you ready to RELEASE what no longer serves you for your soul’s highest happiness!?

In honor of my upcoming book that is publishing within ONE WEEK or so, I’m launching a FREE love workshop! If you are wanting to manifest your ideal relationship, your soulmate/twinflame, and best friend, hop into this group!


We start as soon as 50 members join! So tag your friends and invite them into this group! It’s public for now, but I will switch it to closed when we start!

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Don’t Feel Stuck!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn