Change is one of the most challenging things we go through in life. I’ve learned to fully embrace it over the years, however it can still scare me a little bit at times.

If you’re feeling tired of how your significant other treats you, or you’re feeling drained from your circle of friends, your family, your bosses at work, or even your clients in your business, know this:


If you want a positive support system in your life, you can choose for it to manifest into your physical sphere.


I know, you’re going to say, “But Jaclyn, you don’t understand, this person literally calls me names and demeans me in front of others and all I do is show them love”, and “No matter what I do, they don’t appreciate me and I’m putting out there what I want to receive from the Universe.”

Whether it’s family, friends, your lover, your bosses, and/or your clients, we cannot thrive in a toxic environment. We DO need each other in order to flourish in life. However, we DON’T need to put up with crap from others.

The Golden Rule implies to treat others how you want to be treated. Let’s reinvent the “wheel” and tweak it a bit:


Remember the Golden Rule: treat others how you want to be treated, including how you treat yourself.


Growing up I used to be in BAD relationships with other souls. Even as an adult I was often bullied in the workplace. I was trying SO HARD not to rock the boat that I created a self-suffocating situation that only led to the specific outcome that I was trying to avoid with all my might altogether.

And it’s because I was forcefully trying to push away my surroundings and control my environment. The Universe kept reading: struggle, struggle, pain, frustration, anger, struggle, struggle.

(Universe deciphers) Oh, she must want that in her physical realm because she is available for it most of the time.

Don’t Suffocate Your Elemental Particles (i.e.- YOU)

Think about it this way:

A plant can thrive in an environment when given the opportunity to do so. However, move this plant into a toxic environment and it withers up and dies. It suffocates, it becomes completely defeated.

But if you put the plant in a healthy environment such as its natural habitat, it thrives and actually helps not only itself, but others in the world as well. Co-existence of giving off elemental particles of oxygen for us to appreciate and utilize in our own natural habitat at its finest.


You’re not a plant. You come from the same creator containing elemental particles that a plant stems from (pun not intended). But you have the freedom to move with your body and take opportunities that you CREATE for yourself with quicker results than a plant can achieve. Plants grow and move around, but it takes them longer than it takes you, IF you so choose.

Make Like a Tree & Leave

Therefore, if you find yourself in situations that are unhealthy for you, for your career, and for your life, make the EMPOWERING DECISION to embrace change and…well, change it.

What you put up with is in turn what you receive from the Universe.

These positive and healthy changes may or may not happen over a week, but that’s not the point. The point is to KEEP GOING in the DIRECTION of your desired end-results. And detach from the “who”, the “how”, and the “when”. Trust the process of your soul’s path. Follow your soul’s calling and it will not lead you astray because you are always learning and evolving, which means you are always leveling UP if you allow for it.

You’re rising into your version 2.0 self, living your version 2.0 life.

If you need help with learning how to embrace change and trust not only your soul, but also trust the Universe, reply to this message and let me know what’s up. I’m here to help guide you as YOU blossom into your new and ABUNDANT reality of SUCCESS.

95% of the time your desires manifest in much better ways that are beyond what you can even imagine! It’s AWESOME!

You can do it, I believe in you. Now it’s time to believe in yourself, Amazing Soul!

XOXO Jaclyn

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