Hi Sensational Souls!

The things you want in life, are you wanting them TO make you happy? Or, are you wanting them as an added BONUS to your happiness? Something to ponder on…

If you make the destination your happiness, you most likely will not get there. Like attracts like, so find anything and everything that brings you joy in the NOW and watch how things start flowing into your life that bring you MORE joy. Release, relax, and have FUN in life. This is the key to being happy and achieving your life goals! And when you have that inspired thought come into your mind, write it down, and then start Googling how you can make it happen! Inspired actions HELP you get closer to your life goals! The universe WANTS to help you, but you gotta SHOW it what you want!

Get rid of the excuses, get rid of the negative thoughts, do things that bring you JOY, and then take inspired actions when you receive those creative downloads. You can do it!!!!

Do What You Love,
Journal Girl Jaclyn