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Some of you may or may not know that I was single for 9 YEARS before my chemist came along 8 months ago and it became my ideal relationship. I had a hard time letting of past relationships and so I never purposely called in my ideal relationship until March of 2017. 10 months later he literally came into my life and it has now been 8 GREAT months together! (edited again in February of 2021 and we are STILL together!)


In order to have called him in, I needed to first declutter my mindset beliefs around love, and let go of the past with regards to my past relationships and past love. In February of 2017, I had made the DECISION that was ready to CLEAR OUT what no longer served me for my soul’s highest good, and I completely put my trust into the Universe and surrendered to the “how” and the “when” of my ideal relationship.

One thing I did in order to let go of my past was to write a letter to my former love interests/relationships. For each person, I wrote a 1-2 page letter THANKING them for my life experience with them. In addition, I thanked them for everything they taught me about relationships and about life.

I did NOT focus on the negatives. Remember, the point is to clear out the past and SHIFT your mindset around your love/relationship beliefs. I focused on all of the positive things I experienced and all of the positives that I learned FROM these relationships and interests.

For example, if I wasn’t treated the way I was treated in the past, I wouldn’t have become the strong and independent woman that I AM NOW.  Due to my relationships and how they played out, I have been able to release my inner superhero. This is a good thing!

You Can Do This With Anything, Not Just For Manifesting Your Ideal Relationship

You can literally do this with anything you are manifesting into your life, it doesn’t solely have to be on love and relationships.

For example, a reader of my books wanted to sell her car. It was the type of car that was no longer running and wasn’t fully put together either. Instead of her focusing on the pieces of the car and worrying about how she would sell this car, I suggested to her to write out how THANKFUL she is for all of the use she DID get out of it and how much she loves her car because of all the wonderful things it did for her. I suggested to her to thank the Universe for everything and that she is ready to send it to the next owner in complete LOVE.

And guess what!? She did her ManiFAST journaling and ON THE SAME DAY she sold her car for how much she wanted to receive for it!

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Shift Your Mindset Beliefs with Gratitude

So regardless of whether or not you are trying to sell a car, a home, obtain your dream job, or even receive your soulmate and ideal relationship, write your letter to give thanks to what no longer serves you for your soul’s highest good so that you can send it out into the Universe in love and be able to be open and ALLOW new blessings to come into your physical realm.

Focusing on the positives, no matter how hard it is to do so (I’ve been to hell and back in my life), will allow you to receive MORE of the same: positive blessings into your life. It’s not that you are wishing for more of your past experiences, you are merely SHIFTING your mindset from a scarcity vibration into a more grateful mindset because you are TRUSTING the Universe’s process of the “how” and “when” of your manifestations.

You are surrendering to the Universe, which in turn, allows you to be open to some AMAZING blessings that ARE manifesting into your physical realm. Seriously.

You gotta trust the process. I threw my hands up into the air and knew I was going to be with my soulmate and have my ideal relationship. I didn’t care how or when it was going to happen, I just KNEW and TRUSTED it was manifesting. And now I have been with my sweet chemist for 8 months (more than 3 years after this February 2021 edit) and he is 99% of everything I wrote down I wanted in a life partner and relationship. Thank you, Universe!

Now it’s YOUR Turn!

XOXO Jaclyn