Hey Amazing Soul!

I used to be completely fearful with everything I did in my life, I mean with EVERYTHING. I would make decisions that were safe and easy so that I wouldn’t have to think or feel anything outside of my comfort zone.

But…I never got anywhere in life functioning this way. I never felt authentic and expanded joy in my life. And I never received any of my desires or business goals, either.

I felt like I was mentally and physically running in circles because, well, I was.


When You Say Yes to Your Goals & Desires the Universe Says Yes to You

The only way I was able to start receiving ALL my desires and dreams into my physical realm was to shift my mindset beliefs and break the cyclical patterns of thoughts, beliefs, and actions that no longer served me for my soul’s highest happiness.

What has your soul feeling happiest in life translates into positive changes for your business as well, so long as you are open and allowing FOR change.

Now that I understand and implement this life formula, I say yes and the Universe says it back to me because the Universe operates in a boomerang effect. And ALL my desires started flowing into my physical realm with ease- and quickly!


Now it’s YOUR turn to stop living in fear, to no longer live with massive anxiety, and to learn HOW to make the Universe and the Law of Attraction work for YOU.

I have a unique formula I use and teach to my clients who literally message me and thank me for being able flick the switch and RECEIVE all their desires quickly!

I Help You to RELEASE Your Fear & ManiFAST: Manifest Faster!

Living inside of your comfort and safety zones do NOT allow you to RECEIVE your desires.


It Doesn’t Have to be So Scary Receiving All Your Desires by Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone!

You CAN learn to understand why you have cyclical thinking patterns that currently leaving you feeling stuck with using the Law of Attraction.

You CAN learn to identify whether or not your beliefs should continue to be within your physical sphere.

You CAN learn how to release your beliefs that no longer serve your soul for your highest happiness in life AND in your business, both.

You CAN learn how to implement a newly created abundant belief system through my LOA and cognitive trainings.

You CAN learn how to take daily, manifesting actions moving TOWARDS your manifestations, showing the Universe you mean business with your desires.

You CAN become a Master ManiFASTer!


Be Open to Change & Take Manifesting Action Daily

Your first step in BECOMING your version 2.0 self both in your life AND in your business is to change your cyclical patterns, DESPITE your fears and anxiety.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

For this weekend I want you to journal by writing out and finishing this sentence stem 3 times (3 sentences in total):

A fear I am currently facing is…

For EACH fear I want you to journal by writing out and finishing this sentence stem 3 times (9 sentences in total):

My fear is not real because… (finish by providing a possibility that could happen for you because you CHOOSE to allow it to enter your physical sphere)

Lastly, I want you to do just that:

CHOOSE to be open and allow for ALL your blessings to come into your physical realm.

Don’t discriminate on what you are allowing into your sphere, both in your business and in your life. Most of the time it’s so much better than you can even imagine, anyway.

Fear is NOT real, unless you choose for it to be so.


Be a Lighthouse & Attract TO You.

Daily consistent steps (both mentally and physically) lead to BIG results much FASTER! Practice makes for progression and progression brings your manifestations!

You’ve got this, I completely believe in you.

XOXO Jaclyn

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