Hi Sensational Souls!

Happy Monday! I have been thinking about how important it is to celebrate ALL of your successes and blessings in life: big and smaller ones. A lot of the time us humans focus on comparing ourselves to other people’s success and blessings. Even if we aren’t blatantly focusing on it, our subconscious seems to want to constantly compare to other people’s lives and blessings.

A good chunk of manifesting your life goals are to focus on your OWN successes and blessings every single day, no matter if it’s a successful and tasty breakfast you made or a job promotion.

So, I’m here to remind you that you ARE doing great and you ARE manifesting your life goals! Take 10-15 minutes each day, do your mindset journaling around everything you feel blessed about in life, past successes, current successes, and restructure your mindset around what success means to you. For example, when you were growing up, did your parents or your grandparents instill to you that success comes from a lot of hard work? As an adult, do you still feel this way deep down? NEWSFLASH! You don’t have to encompass the same beliefs you had when you were younger.

When you think of the word “success”, what comes to mind for you? Why do you hold these beliefs? What makes your beliefs around success so concrete and vital? Why?

Answer these questions in your mindset journaling and see what comes up for you! And THEN, use the argument to rebuke why it is in fact NOT true with each point you come up with that provides negative feelings and negative thinking. When you have made your argument, start writing down some things you’ve done in your past and present that actually ARE successes and blessings in your life! And then celebrate them by allowing yourself to feel the joy and satisfaction that comes from your celebration!

Time to tell your limiting beliefs you are NO LONGER going to allow them to control your mindset! Relish in your daily blessings and accomplishments, celebrate ALL of your successes, bigger and smaller, because they are ALL vital in your life! Like attracts like with regards to the law of attraction. So be kind to yourself, be more accepting of YOU, and be thankful for everything that brings you joy. Practice, practice, practice: practicing makes progress, and progress brings the manifestation into the physical realm. You’ve got this! Enjoy life and HAVE FUN!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn