Smart Goals

Create 8 Smart Goals

If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes. – Andrew Carnegie

Today I’m going to share with you what I do at the beginning of each new year and why I do this. I consider this to be what I call “smart goals”, not just regular goals because you’re not only setting your intentions, but you’re taking manifesting action. SMART goals.

Manifesting is basically a “resolution” ANY day of the year, not just for each January month.

But, in order to ManiFAST (Manifest Faster), I perform this specific type of manifesting action…listen to find out, and below are my smart goals for this year. Let’s do this together! Make your smart goals list as well and share it with me.

My Smart Goals:

  • Publish a third best-selling book
  • Edit my fourth book already written
  • Have more TV interviews and podcast interviews to teach an additional 100,000 souls how to ManiFAST: Manifest Faster.
  • Partner with a high-profile company that focuses on self-help, spirituality, and success.
  • Be interviewed by Hoda Kotb, Brene’ Brown, Gabby Bernstein, and Stephen Colbert (pipe dreams!)
  • Continue my journey towards a healthier body and life (I’m so thankful for all my progress thus far)
  • Manifest an extra $17,000.00 so I can move into a home that has a quiet and friendly neighborhood.
  • Every goal and desire in the list above I am ManiFASTing because every time I “Write into Reality” it emerges with ease into my physical sphere. I now surrender to the “how” and “when”, and I’m available to ALL blessings coming my way. Thank you, Universe!

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XOXO Jaclyn

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