I’m a recovering perfectionist.

It took me years to free myself from drowning in my anxiety over creating perfection in everything I do in my life.

Why the need to be so critical of ourselves?
Why the need to second-guess so much of what we want to do?
Why do we talk ourselves out of our desires?

The need to do everything and have everything perfect in the world isn’t embracing what this world is about:

The Universe is comprised of chaos of asymmetry.

That’s right! We are NOT meant to do everything and have everything perfect in the world. It’s not the natural way.

So, give yourself permission to TWEAK as you go. Meaning, if you have a desire to do something, start doing it. By you taking manifesting actions around your desires SHOWS the Universe you mean business. A thought is powerful, a feeling is even MORE powerful, and action? Well, that’s particle vibrations at its finest.

Be the director of your story. The more you take manifesting action around your desires attracts more of the same back to you because you funnel the particles into your physical sphere through your focus and unwavering belief.


If you don’t receive your desires within your first go-around, it just means you are practicing for the actual manifestation.

Practicing builds more confidence.

Give yourself a break, in doing so makes you more open to receiving your desires because you are more relaxed about it.

Tweak as you go. Each time you have an experience you gain clarity, and clarity helps you to funnel those bouncing particles into the shapes of your desires.

Give yourself permission TO tweak your masterpiece in the making. Manifesting is a fun journey, so allow it to BE a fun journey. This is what life’s about, Beautiful Soul!

I believe in you, now it’s time to believe in yourself.

XOXO Jaclyn

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