Hi Sensational Souls!

Hope your first day of November went really well! Today in the Manifest It! community on Facebook the topic of core beliefs came up around believing something to be easy or hard. For example, this was regards to money, but it can literally apply to anything and everything!

Whatever the topic at hand, think about how you were raised with regards to the belief about it when you were growing up. Did your parents or grandparents tell you it was “easy” to climb up the career ladder? Did they tell you it was “hard” to make money in the world? What about expressing their beliefs to you around love and marriage?

Chances are, you might still be carrying some of their rooted beliefs around with you even today as an adult. So, the next time you think about your life goal and how much you REALLY want it, but feel it’s not happening right now, try doing some mindset work around your childhood rearing and your family’s belief systems that were being told to you. In addition, examine how you feel about your life goal and your beliefs around it today as an adult. If you are still feeling stuck, try journaling out the opposite of your worries, fears, etc. about your life goal. Practice makes perfect! The more you do you mindset work to change your belief systems, your subconscious will start to shift and your life goal won’t seem so “hard” after all!

Keep going and do your mindset work DAILY! You’ve got this!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn