A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a publishing company about the 2 books I’m currently writing. I was nervous, excited, and curious all at the same time. I felt pretty good about my correspondence with this company and I was thinking I would hear back from them soon. It has been 10 days and now my self-doubt is starting to creep up on me.

If you have been following me for a while you know I don’t have much patience. When I see something I desire, I go after it and I don’t give up until I have it. But, if you’re new to my spiritual realm, I don’t like to wait and the reason for this is because I truly feel there is nothing to wait for in life. Right? I mean, the Law of Attraction stresses how you don’t need to wait for anything, just match your vibrations.

Nevertheless, my self-doubt comes up sometimes, it’s completely normal to feel this way.

Regardless, I get a choice in how I want to look at this:

1) I could continue to focus on how it’s been 10 days and I haven’t heard back from this publisher…is there something wrong with me? There must be something wrong…what am I doing wrong? Why is everything so hard for me?

(These are the kinds of things I would eventually start telling myself as time goes by and I entertain my self-doubt)


2) I could choose to focus by telling myself something more uplifting…if it doesn’t work out with this publisher, it’s okay. It doesn’t mean I’m not good enough, it just means this is the practice round for the real thing. Everything happens for a reason and I know I’ll have a publisher in the near future. I’m remaining to be open to whatever outcome happens because I know my 2 books are being published and they will help thousands of people around the world.

Self-Doubt Happens, How Do You Choose to Respond?

You always get to choose how you want to respond to any and every situation in life, no matter how bad it is or how amazing it is. And it’s so easy to want to focus on what’s “wrong” with you when in reality there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you at all. I’ve been selected for a full-featured story by a big publication and I’ve been working my tail off trying to get it to be perfect.

But I’m laughing because nothing in life is perfect. The Universe is perfectly not perfect. That’s what is so beautiful about the Universe (the asymmetry of everything around us and, well, us).

A little mental food for thought the next time you feel like beating yourself up over something. I believe in you!

Believe in Your Abundance!

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Believe in Your Abundance