Do you ever just feel like, fuck it! I give up. I am done with this shit. This is all just too confusing and I give up, I give in. Universe: however, whenever, and whatever, I don’t even care anymore, please just HELP ME!
Do you ever feel this way?
Be honest. We all do at times. Even I have these moments. And I’m having one of these moments right now.
You see, I used to want to control everything around me and control my outcome in my life. I am a recovering perfectionist. The anxiety would EAT at me, DAILY, because I couldn’t get comfortable with surrendering to the outcome of my life.
I couldn’t get comfortable with surrendering to what the Universe has in store for my soul’s highest happiness.
And even now, I still have my moments. I mean after all, we ARE human. This is just part of being human.
Once I was able to wrap my head around the fact that as a human being we are going to have these moments from time to time, and that it’s perfectly OKAY to have these moments from time to time, my anxiety lessened and my life started to change for the BETTER!
Did everything I want 3 years ago pan out for me? No. Did some of it pan out for me? Yeah. But there is a sweet surprise that comes with it:
The Universe either gives you EXACTLY what you want; OR, something much BETTER comes FOR you.
My current moment of wanting to “fuck it, I give up!” is another way of me leaning INTO my faith with the Universe and my faith in that my blessings ARE happening: either by EXACTLY how I want them; OR, by something even BETTER than I could fathom coming to me, FOR me. YES!
Surrender! Have your freak-out moment and give up, give in, and say fuck it! Surrender!
The Universe has something AMAZING in store for you! Just keep going! Keep taking inspired actions each day towards your manifestations because it feels like a HELL YES! Acknowledge your freak-out moments, but don’t let them unpack and live rent-free within your mindset.
Your soul is your compass because your soul knows the way- always.
Keep your faith, stay positive as your focus, listen to your soul’s guidance, and keep taking inspired actions because your soul, your mindset, and the Universe work TOGETHER simultaneously!
And if I knew 3 years ago what I know now, I would have told myself:
Woman, just chill out, relax, some AMAZING blessings are coming your way. Give in, fully surrender, and TRUST the process! – Signed, the Universe
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Oh…and as always…
Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn