Do you have a hard time manifesting your twin flame? Do you feel like no matter how much you relax and trust the process you keep getting dealt the wrong person over and over again?

I used to feel this way and I couldn’t understand why. Then I realized I needed to stop holding on to my past with regards to love- and let go of the people who filled this position. We all get a choice. When you’ve truly let go of the outcome, however it may be, it allows for the RIGHT person to ManiFAST into your physical realm.

I stress this so I’m going to state it again: you can’t hold on to your past love(r). You cannot create the physical space when you don’t fully surrender to the Universe’s plan. The more you try to hold on, the more you’ll struggle because the Universe thinks “holding on” is what you want to experience.

Trying to Figure It All Out in 9 Years, But You Don’t Need to

In 2017 I had been single for 9 years. I was ready to allow in the right person into my life. This is when I FULLY surrendered to my reality’s outcome, including the Universe’s timing and way of manifesting my ideal relationship.

And I threw out the notion of “waiting” because waiting communicates to the Universe that you want more experiences of the same. Instead, I wrote out and typed out my ideal relationship as being in the present moment. I did this daily filled with gratitude and you know what?

I got super CLEAR about what kind of relationship made for my ideal love relationship. Furthermore, I got super CLEAR on who I wanted as my partner in life. There are 2 things I did NOT do with regards to manifesting my ideal love:

1) I did not focus on physical traits whatsoever with regards to him.

2) I did not focus on what I didn’t want.

All it takes is 3-5 minutes per day of having fun with your imagination. Write into reality by celebrating how thankful you are for your ideal relationship as being in the present moment. Get creative about it with details of what your relationship entails.

And then? Then write out or type out that you are surrendering to the Universe’s timing and way because you know it’s yours and you feel so thankful for already being in this relationship.

PS- There are a couple more things I did with manifesting my twin flame/soulmate/best friend over 2 years ago…and I’m sharing ALL of my secrets with you through my best-selling book, Don’t Feel Stuck in Love!

Grab it now and start ManiFASTing your twin flame and ideal relationship! It only took me a few short months for him to enter into my life and he is 99% of everything I wrote him out to be. Plus, our relationship is 100% of how I wrote it out to be before he peacefully manifested into my physical space.

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See you soon, have an amazing week! Remember, you gotta LET GO of the past to MAKE ROOM for you ideal love and relationship. You’ve got this, I totally believe in you!

XOXO Jaclyn

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