Hey Sensational Souls!

We are all so busy with our lives trying to accomplish our “adulting” duties each day. But, are you staying in touch with your soul’s calling as you move throughout your day? Do you know what your soul truly wants in life as you are faced with decisions each day? All you need is 5-10 minutes per day to check in with your mindset and your soul’s truest desires. All you need is 5-10 minutes each day to do your mindset journaling writing out all of your dreams with conviction as IS in the present in your new reality. Consistency pays off, set an alarm in your phone to remind you to do this.

Get to that place of feeling high vibe, feeling elated, feeling GOOD, and feeling inspired. You CAN do this! If you really want your new reality, you will not let any excuses get in the way of doing your mindset journaling every single day. I took the time to do this each and every day last year and within 10 months 99% of all of my desires literally manifested into the physical realm. Yes, it’s important to have positive self-talk. Yes, it’s important to visualize by closing your eyes. Yes, it’s important to give thanks for everything within your mind each day. It is ALSO very important to take the time to write out your new reality as IS in the present every single day.

Do NOT allow your excuses to wobble you on your soul’s path. Your soul is craving for your new reality and it IS manifesting right now! SHOW the Universe what you truly want by taking these 5-10 minutes (or more) per day and do your mindset journaling. If you are tired, take a break. If you are tired, take a nap. If you are tired, go for a walk, put on some moving music, and/or meditate. But, don’t give up altogether! BELIEVE, have faith, it IS happening FOR you! Trust me! Keep going!

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone because this is where the magic starts to happen. And if you are feeling doubtful or weary, know that the bow pulls the arrow back with a lot of tension; but, then it launches the arrow FORWARD with a massive surge of action. Waves in the ocean pull back before surging forward in progression. So keep going!

Use this phrase in your mindset journaling:

Now that I have received (insert what you are manifesting), I am…(finish the sentence 30 times with whatever you are doing in your life and whatever your next goals are for your manifestations in your life).

Set the alarm, take the 5-10 minutes each day, DO your mindset journaling. You CAN do this. I totally believe in you!!! You’ve got this!

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Carpe Diem! 
Journal Girl Jaclyn