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3 hours of sleep. I’m working on 3 hours of sleep and I’m so tired because my Zoe cat was so sick last night. BUT, I cannot let it deter me from my soul’s purpose!

Every single day it’s important to stay on your path, don’t fall into the “story” you COULD allow to give you excuses for not buying that healthy food item, for not showing up on a live stream for your business, for not doing your mindset journaling for 10 to 15 minutes, for not finishing your book you are writing, for not doing your 30-minute cardio, for not WHATEVER it is that you CEMENTED for your daily disciplines to help you speed up the manifestation!

You will feel more in alignment and in flow when you STICK to your daily commitments! I do them, even when sick, and this is how I make progress because I am SHOWING the universe what I truly desire and want. The universe is responding to my vibrations I am emitting and helping me out! And it’s because I’m sticking to my daily non-negotiables and I always feel more into alignment and flow after I complete them!

I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!! You’ve got this!!! Don’t forget to do your mindset journaling today! Journal out your goals as if they are IN the present! Done! Already completed! As IS in life! And what can you do right now to help speed up the manifestation by SHOWING the universe so it can help you along?

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn