Do You Think You Can Handle The Weekend Challenge!?

Hi Sensational Souls!

Happy Friday! Each weekend I give what I call the “Weekend Challenge”. It may sound scary, but it’s really NOT! I call it the “challenge” because most people don’t take time out of their busy day to really check in with themselves and their mindset. I thought I would send you this Weekend Challenge so you know what they are like each week in our Facebook community, Manifest It!

So let’s get started!

Answer the following question through your mindset journaling:

1) What is the life goal I am wanting to manifest in the near future?

2) Why do I want this life goal? What does it mean to me? What would you do with it?

3) Read what you wrote for #2 and then explain WHY with regards to how you answered #2. DIG DEEPER!

So for example, #2 could be, “I want to open my own cupcake store because I love to bake and I have interesting cupcake recipes. Opening and operating my own cupcake store means that I am able to bring joy to others through my many recipes! Having and operating my own cupcake store gives me more freedom and pleasure!”

So #3 could be something like, “The reason I love to bake is because I enjoy pastries, it’s fun to design colorful icing and cakes, and my unique ingredients make my cupcakes really tasty! The reason why I am able to bring joy to others through my cupcakes, have more freedom, and more pleasure is because I am following my soul’s calling! I don’t have to go to a 9-5 job anymore, I get to call all of the shots with my cupcake business, and my huge profits help me to give back to charities such as (insert a charity you like). Thanks to owning and operating my own cupcake store and receiving $10,000.00 CASH each and every month, I am able to continue to live by my soul’s path and I am so incredibly thankful!”

4) Let’s build upon this phrase: Everything I desire in life comes to me with complete and total ease. Everything I desire in life comes to me with complete and total ease in rapid speed! Everything I desire in life comes to me with complete and total ease in rapid speed…continue to build upon these empowering sentences with your OWN empowering phrases to build it up more and more!

5) Read your empowering #4 and pick out a sentence or two that really have you feeling inspired! Put these phrases into your phone and set alarms for them to go off 2 or 3 times per day to remind you of your POWERFUL mindset that emits these kinds of vibrations into the universe to speed up the manifestations!

Tip: write out your life goals as if they are in the present every single day, do not let a day go by not doing it because you are training your mindset to live in a more positive and empowering state when you do this! I always end my daily mindset journaling with empowering phrases that I repeat over and over to help anchor in the beliefs! Practice, practice, practice! Just like learning to ride a bike, you ARE learning to manifest and the first step is to anchor and execute your mindset into a more positive and empowering state!

NEXT…now that you are feeling inspired, take that next step and take inspired ACTION! Just start on it, or continue on it if you have already started before today. You’ve got this! Keep going! SHOW the universe you really want these manifestations!

PS- MORE from things like this are going to be in my journal workbook scheduled to launch at Christmas! It is still being edited right now, but I CANNOT WAIT to help you!!!! Stay tuned!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn