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Don’t Feel Stuck with Money! Manifest It Quickly in Multiple Ways

Don’t Feel Stuck with Money! encourages you to explore to successfully:

  • Learn how to release your most stubborn and limiting mental blocks around money that no longer serve you through identifying and examining the roots of your past beliefs and why you still hold on to them
  • Transform your financial beliefs and develop them into your own newly empowering and positive belief system through soul-exploring Write into Reality
  • Anchor and secure your abundant belief system into your soul’s core through proven and unconventional Law of Attraction cognitive training exercises
  • And learn how to take inspired, soul-based actions to show the Universe what you truly desire to ManiFAST: Manifest Faster!
Don't Feel Stuck with Money! How to manifest money book law of attraction books law of attraction money

You are a phenomenal being. How you view the world creates the very world you see. In other words, your beliefs create your reality. You were born with the power to “create” money, so all you need to do is learn how to use it to make your life just the way you want it to be.

Many people believe financial abundance buys happiness. And it does in a way, but not necessarily in the way you think. It needs to be used in a specific way to obtain true happiness. But, what does that even look like? The real question is:

What does true “happiness” look like to YOU?

When I was in my 20’s I used spending as a tool for escapism. I lived with depression and anxiety and held on to harmful relationships. Spending my savings was a way for me to escape from my internal struggles.

Money gave me access to luxurious apartments, designer shoes, gorgeous jewelry, higher-end brand make-up, trendy name-brand clothing, and margaritas during happy hours on Wednesday nights.

Sure, the newest ballet flats put some pep in my step for a while, but the feelings faded. Yes, a different shade of eyeshadow was a fun way to play, but it wasn’t as much fun the 5th or 6th time putting it on.

The way I used my finances didn’t bring me the authentic happiness, self-love, and genuine love from relationships that I was so desperately seeking. It bought me temporary escapism, but you can’t pay the truth to stay away.

When I turned 26 I hit rock bottom and tried to take my own life.

At the time I had a job that paid well and great friends, but I was depressed about myself, my bad relationships, and my life in general. Spending my savings gave me the tools to create a lifestyle that appeared full of happiness on the surface, but I was dying inside.

Then three years ago, I started learning how money is relative and now manifest more of it through a method I call “ManiFASTing.” I manifest faster because I “Write into Reality,” a powerful tool to ManiFAST anything you desire! I will use these terms throughout this book.

I’m stubborn so it took me three years to balance personal expectations with the art of letting go, especially when it comes to financial abundance, though I’m thankful for this journey because I have learned so much along the way.

Now I have not only tuned into increasing my abundance but also mastered its universal truth. Understanding the existence of money cleared the way for me to receive more of it through avenues I wasn’t paying attention to before.

The most important thing I learned is that money is a tool and not an answer.

Money can do a lot of harm or a lot of good, depending on how you choose to use it.

Some people believe it’s the “root of all evil” because that is what they were taught, yet the very same people or organizations who taught them that ask for donations. Ironic, no?

Money is neutral. It only represents what you choose to believe it does.

If you choose to believe it’s bad and associated with greed and selfishness, then the “evidence” supporting that thought will show up in your life. On the other hand, if you choose to believe it’s a good thing, then you’ll see proof of the good money can do and the happiness it can bring.

EVERYTHING starts with how you choose to view it.

If you believe you can only get money from the company you work for or people buying what you’re selling, then that will be true for you. Others may show you new possibilities, but their methods will never work for you unless you trust that they will.

What you believe about money dictates what you get. In other words:

Money doesn’t come from people; it comes from the Universe.

People justify the value of money through their beliefs and those beliefs determine their financial choices and actions. The Universe always mirrors your beliefs and actions.

As about 8% of money exists in the Universe in physical form and 92% are numbers on computer screens, the concept of “money” still puzzles so many souls. That’s why this book will teach you all the shortcuts to manifesting money beyond your expectations.

Bonus! Not only will you SHIFT your expectations and allow in an abundance of money energy, but you will also use this to create your own special blend of authentic happiness.

Attach this acronym to money and remind yourself of it every time money comes up by saying it to yourself:

FUN (For my Unlimited Net worth)

Manifesting money comes to you much easier when you’re genuinely happy, which makes ManiFASTing money well, FUN!

Are you ready to enrich your life and your bank account at the same time?

Don't Feel Stuck with Money! How to manifest money book law of attraction books law of attraction money