Hi Sensational Souls!

As 2017 nears closing its doors, it’s a good time to reflect on your thoughts, actions, reactions, and intent while on your soul’s journey. Are you thinking, acting, reacting, and intending from a place of soul? Or, ego?

Look at the photo above and read the descriptions closely. Think about money, which category do you fit into right now? Think about your family and answer the same. In addition, ponder about love, your career, your daily behaviors, your daily decisions, which category do you fight into RIGHT NOW around these things?

Now that you have reflected on this, what are you going to commit to doing going FORWARD? 2018 is literally around the corner and it’s a time of the year for souls to take on new “resolutions”; but, what are you willing to commit to going into 2018? What are you willing to commit to starting TODAY? Your mind has the power to switch directions at ANY given moment. Why not utilize your phenomenal power and think, act, react, and intend from your soul’s place? This is where your true freedom lies, this is where your true happiness stems from while on your journey. This is where miracles and magical universal abundance starts and continues to take shape and thrive.

So many souls are willing to stay committed to things, people, and situations that are no longer serving them for their highest good and soul’s true happiness. Look at the photo again, and make a commitment to YOU, your soul, YOUR happiness because it’s a give-give relationship when you do so. Show the Universe what your soul truly craves for your life’s purpose. Stop acting from a place of “should” when it comes to making decisions. Start acting from your SOUL, not your ego. The Universe IS listening and does want you to have everything you can ever imagine! But, you have to be real, be honest, be raw with yourself by acting from your SOUL.

So commit to yourself, commit to your soul, and commit to the Universe that you are now thinking, acting, reacting, and intending FROM your soul’s purpose. Watch how fast the Universe rearranges everything to give you exactly what your soul needs to flourish and live in nirvana.

Merry Christmas!

PS- my journal workbook, Don’t Feel Stuck! Journaling Methods to Transform Your Mindset & Live in Universal Abundance, is publishing ANY day now!!!! I am SO excited to help you all along your journey! YOU hold the keys, I will help guide you towards living by your soul’s truest happiness. And remember…

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn