Hi Sensational Souls!

Happy Wednesday! Here is the question for this week’s Q&A:

Question: What is the vibration of ideal weight?

Answer (Journal Girl Jaclyn): Firstly, you must already view your body as “ideal” because if you don’t you are focusing on the lack of it being a wonderful gift for you! Thankfully focus on your body giving you your 5 senses on a continuous basis, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, for many, many years! Be thankful for your eyesight, your sense smell, your hearing, your sense of touch, your sense of taste, and your ability to be able to hold things in your hands, use your fingers and toes (your toes help you walk!), your legs and arms to help you walk and balance yourself, etc. This the ROOT of elevating to a higher vibration with your body. Even at night, your body is working hard to communicate with your brain. This in itself is simply a phenomenon! Right??

Thankfully think about what you love about your shell: is it your peepers (your eyes)? Your nose? Legs? Feet? The reason why you are having trouble vibrating a certain change with your body is because you are not LOVING it enough! You are either consciously or subconsciously focusing on what you want to change about it.

Close your eyes, think about your body being changed in the way you would like as far as mass is concerned: really FEEL into your body being smaller. And trace your fingers along parts of your arms and legs. You don’t have to wrap your hands around you, but trace your fingers along parts of you so that you can HELP bring the visualization into an even deeper feeling! FEEL your way into the visualization, both in your mind and your touch (again, trace along, don’t try to wrap your hands around anything- just feel the touch of your skin). I hope this makes sense!

So this takes cares of the vibration of thoughts…really learning to appreciate how miraculous your body IS in itself (and if you really feel like getting nerdy, read some anatomy books!). Now let’s focus on inspired actions to help speed up the manifestation! What are you eating? Do you exercise? What’s in your pantry? Can you set alarms on your phone to chirp you to get up from your work area and go for a 5-10 minute walk a couple of times per day?

COMMIT yourself to taking inspired actions to help move along the manifestation! I use alarms on my work calendar to tell me to get my bum up and start walking! It does this 2 times per day! <3 Also, I sit and plan out my grocery list before I shop. That way I don’t impulse buy, I purchase what is EXACTLY on the list! <3 And then I make sure I do eat the healthier things!

Most of the time we all take our bodies for granted, so be thankful each and every day for your ability to use every single part of your body on a continuous basis. I mean really write out your blessings and gratitude around your body’s abilities because our anatomy is really quite a miracle! I challenge you to do this for 15 days while you do your mindset work and write out everything you are thankful for with regards to your body! LOVE your body because it’s unique and it encompasses your beautiful and worthy soul!

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Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn