Hey Sensational Souls!

Happy Friday!!! I’ve officially decided to label the Friday prompts that I give each Friday in our AMAZING Facebook group, Manifest It!“Mastering Your Mindset”. The whole point of doing your mindset work, and doing it DAILY, is to train your mindset, master your thoughts because what you focus on EXPANDS.

So, who is ready to dive into their mindset in order to master it and open yourself up to ALLOW your blessings to come to you? Here is a sneak peak of what I give each week in the Manifest It! group:

Be SPECIFIC with your journaling!

1) What are your top 4 strengths?
2) How does each strength benefit your thoughts?
3) How does each strength benefit your emotions?
4) How does each strength benefit your mood?
5) How does each strength benefit your day?
6) How does each strength benefit your life?
7) How does each strength benefit what you are currently manifesting?

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Have a WONDERFUL weekend and remember…

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn