Hi Sensational Souls!

Happy Sunday! When I was a teenager I absolutely loathed change. I feared it to the point of emotional and mental shut-down. I literally went through my days trying to “keep” all of my surroundings within my environment the same. How exhausting! Honestly, though, this is what I did. I went through something extremely traumatic (something I had NO control over) and so my teenage mind felt the only way I could “survive/function” was to try and control my environment and keep everything around me “the same” in order to remain in my shell (my comfort zone).

Did it work? HELL NO! While I wasn’t able to embrace changes in my young soul because I literally FEARED it so much, I realize now, as an adult, change is something that brings WONDERFUL blessings into our lives. Let’s be honest, nothing lasts forever. Can you remember a time when something lasted forever? While the unknown can produce anxiety, the unknown can also produce BLESSINGS that are completely beyond anything you can comprehend. REALLY.

Last year when I did my mindset journaling every single day, literally everything I wanted to manifest actually DID manifest in the SAME year. And you know how I did it? I surrendered and released to the Universe’s timing and its “how”. I made the choice to TRUST and BELIEVE that the Universe is ALWAYS working FOR me, and I took a HUGE leap of faith in doing this. Up until last year I still allowed my fears and anxieties to take hold of my life. Was I super happy? No. Was I exhausted? Yes. I kept trying to control my surroundings and my environment so much that one day I just “gave up” entirely. It was around May of last year. I was cranky, exhausted, doubtful, and just plain desperate. So I “gave up” in that I COMPLETELY surrendered to the Universe and put my full trust, took that HUGE leap of faith, into it.

What I didn’t realize is that this IS the key for your manifestations to appear into the physical realm! Holy CRAP did I have a Eureka moment! So I journaled every single day with complete CONVICTION, I journaled out my new reality as IS in the present and how THANKFUL I was to already have it, be it, and living in it. I did this DAILY with complete conviction, no matter what happened in my day. I COMMITTED to at least 10 minutes in my day, per day, to shifting my mindset and my emotions. Through repetition, ALL but 1 thing manifested IN the SAME year! No joke!

My point? Embrace change, the Universe IS working FOR you and it DOES have your back! I promise you this! Release, surrender, have complete faith, take the chance, STOP TRYING TO CONTROL everything around you, and practice, practice, practice your mindset work on a DAILY basis because you DO shift your mindset into a more trusting, positive, open, allowing, and peaceful place. Your fears and anxieties start to pass through you because you realize YOU are in control of your thoughts and your feelings. It’s SO EMPOWERING! I am telling you, this stuff totally works!

I took everything I did through my mindset work last year and put these methods and prompts into THIS JOURNAL WORKBOOK! so that I can spread the knowledge, share the wealth, and help YOU to embrace change. Change IS a good thing, it may have taken me many years to come to this realization; but, it’s NEVER “too late” to take your life back, take your power back, and start ALLOWING blessings beyond your comprehension to manifest into the physical realm FOR you! I’ve had many journalers already leave testimonial messages and reviews on my Facebook page expressing how their lives ARE changing for the better now.

Don’t allow your fears and anxieties keep you locked up in your life. YOU have the power, YOU have the keys, YOU have the ability to CHANGE your life for the better by learning how to work WITH the Universe. I believe in you! You can do this!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn