Hey Sensational Soul!

I have THIS VIDEO to pair with our FREE training below! It’s time to get comfortable with the energy of MONEY because money is whatever you want it to be; therefore, money IS everything and everywhere. It’s yours for the receiving, all you have to do is get comfortable with the energy of money to be able to be more OPEN to allowing it into your physical realm. So here we go!

Here are the written prompts (also watch the video above):

1) What is your most favorite action in the WHOLE world to do? Is it yoga? Meditation? Reading books? Skydiving? Having sex? Golfing? Watching football? Playing basketball? What is it!??

2) WHY is it your favorite action to do? What are your self-empowering and powerful thoughts and feelings that come over you when you perform these actions? Start each sentence with, “(insert action) allows me to develop thoughts of…” or “(insert action) allows me to feel…”

3) Finish this sentence stem (and write out the beginning of this sentence, too) 20 times: Receiving money currently allows me to…

4) Take what you wrote for #2 and for each time you wrote about the actions, replace the action word with the word “money”. So for example, “Skydiving allows me to feel I am at ONE with the Universe” and now it’s “money allows me to feel I am at ONE with the Universe!”

5) What have you realized about money energy? Share a post here in the group and let’s pump each other up! Because money, just like chocolate, just like books, just like our thoughts, just like our feelings, just like sex, just like water is energy. Money is just energy…it’s only energy!

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I will add you to the secret group after you join (click here to join). And as I always say:

We are not promised tomorrow, so…

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn