Hi Sensational Souls!

Happy Thanksgiving! Giving thanks in advance for everything you want to manifest into your life is the ROOT of the manifestation process! So on this day I would like to remind you how powerful your soul is in our universe:

Use visualization as you journal out and anchor in your writing’s creation into existence!

Draw your new dream reality with colorful pencils or markers to help bring the visualization to life!

Read your new dream reality on paper or on your computer screen OUT LOUD to yourself!

Start ACTING from your new dream reality’s presence! How would your next-level self think and behave? How would your version 2.0 self feel?

Write out everything you are so thankful for in your life and incorporate your new dream reality! Then state WHY you are grateful to all of it! So for example, I have a cat and a dog. I want my upcoming journal workbook to be a best-seller. So I would write something like, “I am so very thankful for my pets because they are loving, loyal, and so much fun to be around. I am also incredibly thankful that my journal workbook is on the New York Times best-seller list! I am truly blessed and I feel this every single day! Thank you, Universe! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Whatever you are wanting to manifest into your new dream reality, the most important part of it is to be THANKFUL to it! Visualize it, create it onto paper/onto your computer screen and into colorful images, read it out loud to yourself, starting acting from your new dream reality’s place, and FEEL into it! Give thanks for all of your life’s blessings and mesh your new dream reality’s blessings into one powerful gratitude expression!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn