Hey Sensational Soul!

Newsflash: if you think you will receive your manifestation in ease, well, you WILL! If you think you have to work your ass off in order to receive your manifestation, well, you WILL!

There Are 2 Directions For Your Soul’s Path:

1) the path of constantly grinding and hustling all day, every day, feeling drained, stressed, and suffocated


2) the sweet path of least resistance by being in flow and doing things that feel GOOD to you. Allowing the process to take place however and whenever- being flexible to the outcome and relishing in all of your current blessings WHILE at the same time taking inspired actions and moving towards your manifestations!

Either path is going to take you to your manifestation into your physical realm. The Universe DOES want you to have your manifestation, it’s merely responding to what you focus on and how you focus on it. You ARE manifesting what you want into your physical realm, it’s a matter of what path you are on between the 2 paths from above. Which path do you CHOOSE?

You Choose Your Path

You have chosen your path. Now it’s time to plant the seeds to see your manifestation come to fruition. Make sure you water your seeds daily. In order to do this don’t overly water them out of desperation in order to see them blossom.

You wouldn’t do this to a plant, would you?

When you water your beloved plant in wait for your flowers to bloom, you relax and trust the process of its gestation. You know the flowers are going to bloom because it’s part of Mother Nature. The Universe knowingly brings the flowers into fruition. So you water your seeds little by little, caring for them, sending them loving vibes, and trust the process knowing your flowers ARE in the process of blooming. So do the same for your manifestations! Plant your seeds by doing your Mastering Your Mindset work and taking inspired actions- daily!

Your Seeds Need Time to Gestate

Keep taking inspired actions each day, SHOW the Universe what you are manifesting. The Universe IS working FOR you, TRUST. Relax, go in the direction of what feels like a HELL YES to you. If it doesn’t feel good to you, then it’s not for you. That’s OKAY, this means something SO MUCH BETTER is FOR you!

Plant a few seeds, water and care for them each day, and relax trusting in the process as you move forward more and more. And when your flowers (your manifestations) bloom, move down your soul’s path and grow yourself EVEN MORE (grow MORE flowers). You can even plant more seeds on your path while the others are gestating. You get TO CHOOSE how fast or how slowly you want to go with planting and caring for your manifestation seeds that ARE blooming!

It’s Never Too Late to Change Directions

Don’t worry! You CAN choose at ANY moment in time to turn down a different direction. If you realize you are on a path FULL of resistance and you want to now go down the path of least resistance, well, you CAN! You can CHOOSE at ANY moment in time to turn down a different direction on your path if you try something out and you realize over time it no longer feels like a HELL YES for you. It’s perfectly OKAY to change directions! You can CHOOSE at ANY moment in time to turn down a different direction if you want to do so. There is no such thing as a “shoulda” when it comes to life.

The souls on the outside who you perceive to judge you do not understand the magical ingredients to manifesting all of your life’s goals into your physical realm.

Do they pay your bills?

Do they buy your food?

Do they nourish your soul’s calling?

What does it matter what they think? They are only living in FEAR, but you are NOT living in fear.


This Is Who You Are

You are a strong, loving, seizing, and fun soul who understands what life is TRULY about: living by your soul’s purpose. And because you are this, and DECIDE to FOCUS on such things as these, you are given blessings and are living in abundance in ALL ways within the Universe.

You understand the process of manifesting can be taken one of the two ways mentioned at the beginning of this blog. You understand that you ARE manifesting your wants and life’s goals. You ARE learning and growing as the beautiful soul that you ARE. You ARE leveling up and you ARE realizing more and more each day that you get a choice. You get to choose.

You understand now that freedom comes with following your soul’s calling and living your life in the flow of feeling GOOD. You understand that by relaxing and going forth each day in taking inspired actions, moving towards your manifestations, is SHOWING the Universe what you truly want into your physical realm.

You Get It

You get it. You understand it. You realize these 2 paths are CHOICES in life. You realize and understand that your own happiness, your own soul’s calling, is what TRULY matters in your life. You ARE worthy and deserving to be happy and you are understanding this. You ARE making such wonderful progress and it’s perfectly okay for the gestation period to last however long it needs to gestate for your manifestations because everything happens in perfectly Divine timing. TRUST the process, you ARE getting your manifestation.

It’s a choice:

1) I choose to now fully allow my manifestation to come into my physical realm

2) I choose to now be on the path of least resistance by following my soul’s calling each day in taking inspired actions to SHOW the Universe what I truly want into my life

3) I choose to now ALLOW myself to live by my soul’s purpose because I AM worthy to do so.

Relax, go have fun, do your Mastering Your Mindset journaling every single day. Thank the Universe through your mindset journaling just how blessed you ARE right here, right now, in life. Thank the Universe for helping you behind the scenes in rearranging everything on your path because you TRUST that the Universe is giving you either exactly what you want; or, something SO MUCH BETTER is on its way into your physical realm!

Allow your flowers to blossom. Mother Nature never forces, so why should you?

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn