Have you ever felt like an outsider? Like you don’t “belong” with the “in” crowd? That no matter what you say, how you dress, what you brought to lunch each day, and how you ran laps or shot hoops in gym, you were always on the cusp of something great?

I was reflecting about my why for writing my best-selling book, “Don’t Feel Stuck!” a year and a half ago, and I thought about my 12 year-old self. I thought about myself just 2 years ago. I thought I had broken the cycle, but I just couldn’t break the cycle even then…

Being Misunderstood By Being a Martyr

I am one for privacy, so let’s call her “Jane”. Two years ago Jane told me I couldn’t eat lunch with them any longer at my work with the physicists. To think, I couldn’t even “fit in” with an “outsider” like Jane. So misunderstood.

My whole life has been this way: misunderstood, left to feel like an alien around those who have material priorities. And this made me not cool.

Material priorities with Kardashian lifestyle yearnings and Beiber pop musical-lusting. No offense to those who are fans…

But Jane was a nerdy girl, she never fit in with the “in” crowd, and yet she booted me from the lunch table like I was 12 years old all over again.

I was painted by others using the wrong colors.

And I was pissed because of it. Why must I always be on the end of defending myself because others are limiting themselves?

Along Came “Don’t Feel Stuck!”

After 34+ years of trying to please others, I had reached my breaking point, or rather, my birthing point 2 years ago. I was done playing the actor in order to “fit in”. I opened my laptop and the words came flowing out like champagne from a Dom Perignon bottle (which by the way, I’ve had and I find it overrated). No offense to those who are fans…my point is I’m an old soul. In the words of Lady Gaga, “I was born this way.”

Fast-forward to 2 years later, I’m now 36 and thankful for Jane booting me from the physics lunch table. Thanks to you, Jane, you gave me the ass-kicking I needed in order to level UP in my life and create my authentic gifts to the world. For those who need to receive them, for those who need to unleash their OWN version 2.0, inner superhero self.

While 10 years ago I had reached my breaking point playing the martyr with men and bad relationships, this time around I was done playing the same role for ANYONE and EVERYONE else.


Are You Done, Too?

During your Mastering Manifesting Journaling ask yourself:

Why do I do the things I do in my life? Is it 100% for me? Why or why not?
If yes it’s 100% for me, what can I do to SHOW the Universe I mean business in funneling my manifestations even faster into my physical sphere?
If no it’s not 100% for me, what do I REALLY want in my life (and including in my business, for the entrepreneurs)?
What can I DO to show the Universe what I truly desire to come into my physical realm, starting NOW? (No pressures, remember, we are all on this train together in this thing we call life)
What am I NO LONGER available for in my life/business?
What am I NOW AVAILABLE for in my life/business?

Your Purpose

Reply and let me know what comes up for you, I’d like to know. Listen, you are beautiful and you belong on this planet. You have a purpose in this world and your soul is meant to be unleashed as who you really ARE, underneath your layers of fear and insecurity.

In my 2 years of working with clients all over the world I’ve seen some serious transformations from fearful scarcity blossoming into total badassery. I’m here to be your guide and mentor for you, who wants to unleash your TRUE self, but you’re unsure how to do it and succeed at it. I’m here for you if you are ready to BREAK UP with the unnecessary expectations from others on this planet. You’re a lighthouse and you are meant to shine your beautiful rays to help others. Don’t hide behind your fear, don’t hide behind your insecurities.

They’re stories you tell yourself and choose to believe. Let’s flick the switch and change up your story to being 1000% your version 2.0 superhero BADASS soul that you ARE.

Are You Ready!?

I have 1 SPOT LEFT over the next few months of working with me 1:1. Tap me to inquire about your powerful transformation waiting to take place, guided by me, getting your spiritual ass kicked by me, and leveling UP INTO who you always were and who you ARE, no apologies.

It’s time to realize and own who you ARE, a Master at manifesting and ManiFASTing with the Law of Attraction.

XOXO Jaclyn