You know, it’s funny…

…just yesterday I was feeling “stuck” around my progress with my second book and my progress as a mindset LOA mentor. What did I do? I opened up my first book to a random page and did the Mastering Your Mindset journaling prompts on that page. I was able to successfully bust through my mental and emotional walls between last night and day around what I was feeling stuck with in my life! Ahhh, the feelings of breakthroughs! Love it!

This is another reason WHY I love this journal workbook! Even after you’ve gone through it the first time around, you can still utilize it on a DAILY basis for whatever else you are currently manifesting into your physical realm. I was able to UNBLOCK some limiting thoughts I had going on inside of my head yesterday that were causing my FEARS to creep back up to the surface.

Here is what I did:

I identified what my fearful blocks were, I explored WHY I was having them, then I asked myself if it’s truly NEEDED to continue to hold on to them. Afterward, I pondered what could happen if I just RELEASE these limiting thoughts/beliefs, and then I REALIZED I don’t need to continue to HOLD ON to these kinds of thoughts and beliefs. I know I am human, so of course I am going to have fears from time to time that creep back up; however, I KNOW these limiting thoughts and beliefs are actually NO LONGER SERVING MEfor MY HIGHEST GOOD and my HIGHEST HAPPINESS. Once I had my “aha” moment this morning of realizing I was allowing PAST fears to want to creep up, it was like, BAM! BREAKTHROUGHS! YES!

Grab your copy for only $11.11 (or via Kindle for $7.77)! And please do let me know what all YOU manifest into your life (and you will)! Keep going, you’ve got this!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn