Think of something you were able to manifest or accomplish that happened in your life. Was it something that you didn’t think would EVER come to you? Or, was it something you saw slowly coming to you as you worked at it? Either way, this is proof that you manifested/accomplished something you WANTED. Big or small, doesn’t matter. The next time you feel like “it will never come”, just remember all of the things you received and know that this is PROOF things you wanted came to you! Whether they were out of the blue, BAM! Or, you slowly saw it coming to you as you worked towards it. 2764

This is the PROOF that you can manifest things you want in your life. Don’t give up. Stay focused on the goal as if it’s ALREADY done/present in your life. Practice this daily and it won’t seem so far-fetched for it to actually BE done or in your present life! 2764
I NEVER thought I would get some things in my life and I got them! It was like Christmas morning each time it happened! 2764 And other things I worked towards and I saw it coming into my reality more and more…it’s a blessing either way in life! 2764
Don’t give up! Thank the universe for EVERYTHING you have received and brings you joy! 2764 You’ve got this! 2764
Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn