Hey Sensational Soul!

About a year ago my business coach taught me how to track my money with a money spreadsheet. In addition, I have been working on my money mindset for the past 7 months. Last year I manifested an extra $4K in one lump sum.

Since then I have been receiving the green over time. One thing I wouldn’t have noticed is how I received an extra $3K in 6 months if I hadn’t been paying attention to my awareness. It’s so easy to get caught up in distractions.

So many of us are constantly focusing on what is lacking that we forget what all we have already received and are receiving. This is why having a money tracking system is vital when it comes to shifting your money mindset beliefs.

In addition, spiritual growth a daily practice, a daily progression, a continual process. It IS your journey.

But there is much more to manifesting money that so many souls don’t realize: everything in this Universe is ENERGY. Everything. And “money” is the same thing as “chocolate”.

Money is whatever you want it to be. And money is as limitless for you as much as your mindset beliefs allow you to receive. You ARE abundant in energy. Therefore, you ARE abundant in money. Tune into the energy of abundance and watch the magic start flowing into your physical realm.

PS- Do you know your money struggles are tied in with your fears and beliefs that have NOTHING to do with money? Yep. Like I said, everything is energy. So you equate the need for money in desperation because you are still holding on to other mindset beliefs that are tied to your self-worth.

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Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn