Hey Sensational Soul!

Yesterday I had posted in a group and got banned because my post talks about money. This got me thinking…you know, this IS the problem so many amazing souls have:

So many of us are NOT allowing ourselves to have a positive relationship with money energy

It’s like it’s one of those “taboo” topics. A lot of souls have a negative relationship with money. And then they wonder why it keeps perpetuating in the SAME direction.

We are so used to our filtering system, meaning we want to accept as true what we are already comfortable and familiar with in our thought-process. We are uncomfy with the unknown and being challenged.

So, how do you fix this cyclical belief-pattern? (and by the way, you CAN)

What you deem to be true (the stories you tell yourself) is your limitation and at the same time your growth- depending on how you CHOOSE to perceive and accept it.

First of all, your old money-belief patterns are NO LONGER serving your soul for your highest happiness. If you are constantly projecting thoughts and feelings of limiting vibrations into the Universe, you’re going to get MORE of the same.

So, you gotta break UP and RELEASE these lackluster beliefs. The past is in the past, each day is a NEW slate, which brings me to my second point…

Secondly, since each day IS a new slate, start each morning listening to motivational audios about how money IS a give-give relationship (and it’s giving TO you, FOR you). There is a plethora of money affirmations online, so take advantage of this, and set your INTENTIONS each morning to a positive mindset about the energy money so you are in the RECEIVING mode.

Thirdly, and you know I was going to say this, you gotta make DAILY commitments to your Mastering Manifasting (Mastering Manifesting Faster!) mindset work. I love to do this through the power of mindset/visualization journaling.

You PROPEL yourself in your desired direction by identifying and examining WHY you have certain beliefs around money energy. And then? Then you SHIFT them by learning HOW to release them from your personal sphere.

Your beliefs are either driven by fear or driven by positive allowance. Think about it like this:

When you are given an allowance via a paycheck, you are stating and affirming to yourself that you “only have” said amount. This is resistance to money expansion.

So, instead…

View and BELIEVE your allowance IS a huge blessing because you ARE able to pay your bills, buy food, get gas, etc.

Each bill you receive, thank the Universe for the allowance you receive to pay your bill. It could always be WORSE. So, why not be THANKFUL for what you ARE receiving.

The Universe works in a boomerang effect, what you put out comes back. So CELEBRATE your allowance! This is HOW you receive MORE!

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Practice Makes For Progression & Progression Brings Your Manifestation!

COMMIT to your long-term results, COMMIT to your daily progression, DECIDE you are receiving MORE financial abundance. DECIDE you are now making your desired changes. COMMIT to your decisions, and SURRENDER to the HOW and then WHEN. It doesn’t matter how or when. Just DECIDE and stay committed to your DECISION.

You think Steve Jobs got his money overnight? You think Michael Jordan became one of the best athletes of all-time overnight? You think people lose 50 lbs overnight? (it’s ALL the same, by the way, money IS the Apple product, money IS the basketball, money IS the weight-loss)

Practice, practice, practice DAILY moving TOWARDS your desires and goals.

RELEASE your limiting thoughts and beliefs because they no longer serve you for your highest happiness.

And if you need help with this, seek the help, gain the knowledge, SHIFT and EXPAND your current reality into your NEW reality. And you CAN! I totally believe in you!

This is HOW I was able to release my old stories I used to be deem as true and once I did so, BAM! Blessings galore came flooding into my life!

Now it’s YOUR turn to shift what no longer serves YOU for your highest happiness. Now it’s YOUR turn to EXPAND your abundance and EXPAND your blessings that ARE already in existence, you just gotta get out of your own way and make ROOM for them. And you CAN!

SEXY Money! My brand new 1:1 (you and me, only) 3-month transforming program that is going to teach you HOW to get on the RECEIVING end of YOUR abundance!

And yes, you ARE abundant and you ARE receiving MORE abundance, you just gotta get out of your own way, beautiful soul!

See below to get all the details of how you are going to TRANSFORM your money energy thoughts and beliefs, and TRANSFORM your flow of abundance by switching directions from output of money into the Universe to input of money flowing into your physical sphere! YAS! Let’s do this!

It’s time for YOU to have a POSITIVE relationship with money! (and you CAN and you ARE)

Have a wonderful Sunday! Send me a message if you have any questions about SEXY Money! I’m SO EXCITED to help you TRANSFORM your abundance!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

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