Hey Sensational Soul!

When you are 100% honest with yourself by tuning into your soul’s needs, your life begins to change in ways you could only imagine before now with your DESIRES.

When you are 100% honest with yourself by tuning into your soul’s needs in both how you treat YOURSELF and in manifesting IDEAL relationship, your life begins to shift into the direction you have always been wanting before now.

When you are 100% honest with yourself by tuning into your soul’s needs, your life begins to change with an overflow of ABUNDANCE, something you merely wished for before now.

So How Do You Tune into Your Soul’s Needs?

The first thing you want to do is to identify when and about what you are choosing to settle with in making decisions about anything: from your job, your love-life, to even the type of groceries you buy, and even your time management on the weekends.

The second thing you want to do is to identify what your decisions are allowing to continue in your life. Everything is a compound effect, including manifesting. So, your choices have a cause and effect response- even the small choices.

But don’t freak out about it because YOU are in control of your life. YOU are in the driver’s seat and YOU can CHOOSE to change your habits at ANY moment in time.

Practice makes for progression and progression brings your manifestations.

Do you remember when you were a kid and at the beginning of the school-year running during P.E. was SO HARD!? But then, after a couple of weeks of performing consistent, daily running, it got easier?

It’s the SAME thing with learning to Master Manifasting: Manifesting Faster.

It feels awkward, hard, and maybe even painful in moments. But, then it gets easier with daily practice and consistent COMMITMENT. It becomes natural in your feelings and daily actions to take the time to check in with your soul’s needs in your life- even if it’s just for 5-10 minutes.

And then it becomes FUN because tuning into your soul’s calling IS fun. And you may not even realize it, but you ARE manifesting all your dreams and desires this WHOLE time. The Universe works behind the scenes 99% of the time and then BAM! You see all the particles coming together into the form of your dreams and desires.

Most People Don’t Stay Consistent When Mastering Manifasting

So, as a result, souls give up before their manifestations have even had a chance to finish putting all the particles together to emerge onto their path.

Therefore, the next time you are wondering why other people’s dreams and desires seem to emerge easily and quickly, remember what I have said in the above about choices and consistency.

The Universe DOES like speed, but you gotta give the Universe your map of intentions. You gotta SHOW the Universe what you are calling into your physical realm.

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PS: I haven’t opened the doors to the VIP Master Manifesting Membership in a few months because I like to keep this private group small and more intimate.

I am opening the doors for a very brief amount of time!

What does this mean for you?

I have 4 spots, nope, now only 3 spots available between now and when the doors close again on March 1, 2019! ONLY 3! Here are all the details of the Mastering Manifesting Membership:

I know you are tired, I know you are scared, I know you are comfortable with your excuses. But, what you CHOOSE to remain in is what persists and the Universe delivers back to you in its boomerang effect.

Aren’t you ready to level UP in your life?

Are you ready to make some POSITIVE CHANGES in your mindset, in your soul, and in your life-purpose?

Aren’t you ready to get OFF the hamster wheel and start embarking upon your own empowering, soul-driven, no-nonsense societal trap that you ALLOWED yourself to be in all this time?

Who says you HAVE to live your life this way?

Who says you HAVE to remain in your excuses?

Who says you HAVE to make decisions and take actions based upon your fears and shoulds?

Who says you HAVE to exist in your life like a zombie clocking in and clocking out each day like a wind-up toy?


Now, IF you don’t feel any of the above, then obviously you ARE living your soul’s purpose, your soul’s passion, your soul’s drive, and you ARE living your TRUEST and most AUTHENTIC happiness.

And of course, you are paving your path on your SOUL journey and the Universe IS working behind the scenes, re-arranging things on your path, and all of the pieces come fitting together quite nicely with EASE.

When you are faced with a choice, is it a should reaction? Is it a fear-based response?

OR, is it something like this:

I’m going to make this decision, albeit a bit scary, but I’m choosing to make this decision because it’s moving me CLOSER to my soul’s authentic happiness and I KNOW the Universe works like a boomerang.

Whatever I CHOOSE to emit into the Universe through my thought, feelings, and ACTIONS of vibrations, the Universe gives me MORE of the same.

Like attracts like.

Okay, I’m going to make the uncomfortable decision because this feeling of discomfort is ONLY temporary and I know this because it’s unfamiliar to me at the moment.

It’s not unfamiliar to me for in the long-term. Okay, hell yes, I’m going to go this route!

I created the VIP Mastering Manifesting Membership for you because I am HELPING YOU gain CLARITY around what you are CHOOSING to FOCUS on through what I call Mastering Manifasting mindset training AND tuning into your SOUL’S CALLING!

When you are in this membership, you become a Master Manifaster!

I was feeling SO STUBBORN before I changed my manifesting lifestyle and now I can confidently say I AM who I am MEANT TO BE in life and blessings keep flowing to me. I want to share this with you, too!

In doing so, you are learning how to work WITH the Universe so that you are SPEEDING UP all of your manifestations into your physical realm!

I did these EXACT methods, myself, for the past two years and this is HOW I manifested 99% of my life’s goals within 10 months! This is HOW I manifested ALL of my blessings into my physical realm, including find the love of my life and getting myself out of $29K debt!

Things CAN happen so fast FOR YOU once you UNDERSTAND WHY your cognitive behaviors are shielding you from your soul’s TRUEST PURPOSE in your life.

Before becoming a Master Manifaster with this maniFASTing training I was feeling so STUCK being in the struggle all the time. But, then I EMPOWERED myself by PAIRING powerful Law of Attraction methods with mind-SHIFTING cognitive training, and not only have my mindset beliefs completely transformed, but so has MY PHYSICAL LIFE.

And Now It’s YOUR Turn!

This group dives DEEP into cognitive training through the use of Mastering Manifasting mindset journaling paired with my own proven Law of Attraction methods to help you UNDERSTAND WHY you are feeling stuck.

This helps you gain CLARITY so that you can IDENTIFY and RELEASE your mental blocks, dive deeper into your SOUL’S wants and needs that are unleashing into physical existence, thus completely TRANSFORMING your life into everything you WANT it to be! Because you are NOT stuck, you just FEEL stuck.

There is a BIG difference.

This group is NOT for anyone who wants to sit around and “wait” for their manifestations to come into their physical realm. This group is NOT for anyone who doesn’t want to do the EMPOWERING and POWERFUL mindset-shifting and soul-shaping training that is IN this VIP group.

This group IS for you if you are tired of running on your hamster wheel and feeling stuck in your life.
This group IS for you if you are ready and OPEN to learning how to work WITH the Universe through Law of Attraction.
This group IS for you if you are ready to dive DEEP into your mindset behavioral habits to understand WHY and WHERE you mentally focus on a daily basis.
This group IS for you if you are seriously COMMITTED to CHANGING your mindset habits, you are seriously COMMITTED to SHIFTING out of limiting mental patterns, and ACCESSING your SOUL’S truest PURPOSE and CALLING in your life.
And this group IS for you if you are COMMITTED to taking inspired actions SHOWING the Universe what you ARE calling into your physical realm (meaning, creating your NEW reality into your physical realm much faster)!

The VIP Mastering Manifesting Membership has:

Frequent cognitive-shifting belief training through the power of mindset journaling and your influential use of your visualizations, something that is super KEY in manifesting anything and everything you want into your new reality
Impacting self-empowering audios and videos done by me to further help you UNDERSTAND WHY you are currently feeling stuck in your life
You have way more access TO me with round-the-clock Q&A, I am catering to your specific manifestations through this VIP group!
And you are learning MY proven law of attraction techniques paired with MY Mastering Your Mindset methods to help you SPEED UP your own manifestations because you are learning how to work WITH the Universe through your mindset and your soul!


This is WHY you have to get your spiritual fanny into this group: we are ALL equal, we ALL bleed the same color, we ALL have a soul-purpose, we ALL have a gift to SHARE in the world, and you ARE worthy and deserving to live by our soul’s truest happiness.

You ARE worthy of creating your new reality and ALLOWING IN ALL of your blessings that are READY and WAITING for you to BREAK UP with your struggling mentality for good!

Energy is influenced by energy- shape your energy of YOU and your LIFE how you are MEANT to live it.

I chose to make this group exclusive to the souls who really WANT their manifestations to SERIOUSLY come into their lives because there are so many people who want their dream jobs, want their soulmate/twinflame best friend relationship, want more money, want authentic happiness, and so much more.

But, I am wanting to work with you and train you with MY OWN PROVEN methods to the select few who are SERIOUS about leveling UP in their lives and calling in all of their blessings into their physical realm more quickly.

So this VIP group has limited spots and I’m ONLY taking on souls who are SERIOUS about creating their new reality, creating their dreams INTO their physical realm, and creating their happiness, creating through love, and creating FOR their soul’s purpose in this world.

If this is you, become a Master Manifaster NOW!

I used to remain in bad relationships, I used to allow myself to be a people-pleaser, I used to CHOOSE to put everyone else’s needs above MY OWN needs because I thought that was what led to a happier life (servant mentality).

But over time, I started to feel suffocated. I mean mentally drained because instead of being PROACTIVE with my thoughts and beliefs, and my actions, I was being REACTIVE.

And being reactive is so dis-empowering.

Being PROACTIVE and choosing to RESPOND rather than react gives you SO MUCH POWER to not only your own self and your own happiness, but also to your own reality that YOU CREATE.

Now, after many years of feeling stuck, I am no longer feeling this way because I learned how to utilize pairing the powerful Law of Attraction techniques WITH mastering my own mindset beliefs, and I learned how to work WITH the Universe. And now it’s YOUR TURN!

I had discovered and uncovered some subconscious beliefs I didn’t even realize I was still carrying with me into my adult life. But this is WHY I was able to completely change my life and my happiness in such a short time span:

Because I made the DECISION that scarcity and fear is NO LONGER AVAILABLE to me. And this is what I am teaching YOU because your happiness, your life, and receiving your life’s goals truly DO matter and you ARE worthy of living by your soul’s authentic happiness and purpose!

I’ve opened the doors for a LIMITED time until March 1st and I ONLY have 3 spots available!

Get your spiritual fanny into this group because we are ALL equal, we ALL bleed the same color, we ALL have a soul-purpose, we ALL have a gift to SHARE in the world, and you ARE worthy and deserving to live by our soul’s truest happiness. You ARE worthy of creating your new reality and ALLOWING IN ALL of your blessings that are READY and WAITING for you to BREAK UP with your struggling mentality for good!

Energy is influenced by energy- shape your energy of YOU and your LIFE how you are MEANT to live it.

Reply to this email or message me on Facebook if you have any questions for me!

Otherwise, I’ll see you in the group, and remember…

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

I’m Ready to Join NOW!

Dont Feel Stuck