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How to Overcome FOMO

Happy Aries season!

I have a lot of Aries in my sign, and I am passionate, compassionate, impatient, bold, driven, fiery, and relentless. Some amazing Aries include Lady Gaga, Gloria Steinem, Patricia Arquette, Emma Thompson, Jennifer Garner, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

If you are feeling scared to take that next step, take the plunge, go forth in any way, please know this: the amazing ladies in the above have taken a lot of “test-runs” (they are not mistakes, but test-runs) in life. You can’t get from point A to point B without a few test-runs.

So, instead of having FOMO, Fear of Missing Out, because you are scared to make mistakes and you are scared of how others will perceive you, train yourself to have NOFOMO (No Fear of Missing Out) instead. Start with something small that is a little scary to take manifesting action around and go from there. Little steps each day add up to BIG results! Yes!

And while everyone else is living with FOMO, you are a LEADER who lives and leads with NOFOMO. Because really, practice makes for progression and progression leads to your manifestation.

If you want help with how to ManiFAST (Manifest Faster), start here:

XOXO Jaclyn

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