No one else is you.

This means that out of ALL your chromosomes containing ALL the elemental particles that make up YOU is supremely unique BECAUSE no one else IS you.

NO ONE else is you.

This means your fast-moving bouncy particles creating YOU holds an immensely powerful energy- the very SAME energy that also makes up the Universe. Think of it like the patterns that make up snowflakes:

There are numerous outcomes of snowflake patterns created from the Universe’s energy. Think about placing yourself AS a snowflake in the Universe- except, we collectively call ourselves “human” (but we stem from the stars that make up the Universe).

Do you even realize how powerful you ARE BECAUSE you are so unique? Psst…snowflakes stem from stars as well because they are made up of H20 and YOU are mostly water, too.

You = water, water = Universe. YOU = Universe.


How many snowflakes do you look at and respond with, “Wow, that snowflake is so boring and ugly”? I’m guessing you don’t make these kinds of statements when you see snowflakes.

You appreciate them for what they are because they are part of Mother Nature. You even find creative ways to use them by having fun sliding down hills, making artistically beautiful ice formations, and yes, even as a child eating snowflakes as “magical snow cones”.

YOU are a snowflake with an individual pattern that no one else contains- except that you are YOU.
Own your individuality.
Own your quirkiness.
Own your sexuality.
Own your feisty passion towards your desires and dreams.
Own yourself FROM your soul’s purpose in our world.
Own the energy that is YOU.

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The Universe is ready and willing to provide it TO you once you learn how to work WITH it and command what you secretly demand as the Badass soul you know you ARE underneath all your layers of fear and guilt.

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Life is now, not tomorrow, not next month, not next year, not even next light year. It’s right now.

You’ve got this!

XOXO Jaclyn