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How to Publish A Book That Sells in 4 Steps

You have dreams of becoming a published author. But not just any published author, a #1 best-selling author. You want to publish your dream book that sells. In 2017, I had these same dreams. But I didn’t know how to manifest them into my physical reality. Little did I know then that learning how to publish a book, let alone publishing my first dream book, would open many doors for me in my career. Without boring you with all the details, I will share the steps I took to publish my dream book and a book that sells.

Step One: Write the Super Messy Draft

So many people get hung up on the order sequence when writing their rough draft. Here’s a secret: each time I published my best-seller, I didn’t focus on the sequential order of my draft. With my laptop plugged in, I planted my artistic butt on the couch and got the content- the book’s message– typed out onto a Word/Google document. It felt like I didn’t make any headway with writing a book while doing it, but the first step to successfully publishing a book that sells is to get your content typed out, no matter how chaotic it seems to the sequential order. The reason for this is that during the proofreading and editing process, you’ll clean it up and re-arrange content in places of your book that make it seamlessly flow and take the reader on a successful journey to either solving their problem or entertaining them to their soul’s core, which brings me to my next step of how to publish a book that sells.

Manifest It! Publishing how to publish a book

Step Two: Proofread and Edit Your Emerging Masterpiece

This part of the book publishing process is the most tedious. In 2017, I decided to hire someone to help me edit my book because I wanted it to be professional and because of the blood, sweat, and tears that were put into the pages of my book “Baby.” I looked around on social media to find an editor and found her within a few days. She and I still work together, and she is now a #1 best-selling editor!

Using automated systems like Grammarly is suitable for cleaning up the apparent grammar. But AI (artificial intelligence through a digital medium) can only get you so far with the proofreading and editing process. You know when you hear an album through a digital medium and love everything about it, you buy the concert tickets to listen to the live version of it? You lose yourself in your emotions, hearing the musical instruments being played by other souls live and in person. Nothing beats these kinds of experiences with listening to music. Well, it’s the same when it comes to losing yourself within the pages of a book while reading it.

AI provides a good experience for the proofreading and editing process. But, you lose yourself within the pages of the book you are reading and connecting to because of human emotion written and expressed by other humans. And what better way to communicate what we think and feel than to utilize an expert human who knows how to do this in writing? When paying for writing services, you don’t want to be cheap in publishing your dream book if you want it to sell and receive favorable reviews.

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Step Three: They DO Judge A Book by Its Cover

As much as the famous saying applies to judging people’s character on first impressions, people do judge books by their covers. In 2017, after getting fantastic help with proofreading and editing, I had no idea how to put my final manuscript draft into an actual paperback and digital ebook. After searching around on different freelancing platforms online, I found him. He and I still work together today, and he is a #1 best-selling book format/layout designer!

I gave him the cover image I wanted to use, the book’s interior photos I wanted to include, the colors I was interested in for the book’s covers, and the final manuscript draft. Viola! He turned my manuscript into a successful paperback and ebook. It’s so exciting! The front and back covers looked beautiful, the fonts on the covers looked great, and the manuscript fonts and graphics looked professional. My dream book became a manifested reality!

Manifest It! Publishing Books How to publish a book

Step Four: How to Publish A Book That Sells (The Final Touches)

So I had the final files in my possession, but I didn’t know how to turn them into a physical paperback and list my paperback and ebook for sale online. I researched platforms such as Amazon, IngramSpark, Shopify, and Smashwords, and I went with Amazon. This was a good decision because it laid the bricks and pathway for my books to become top #3 and #10 best-sellers, including one book becoming a #1 best-seller.

The entire process, from proofreading and editing to having my dream book for sale 24/7, took about four months in 2017 when I didn’t know how to publish a book. Getting it to the #1 best-seller status took nine months of trial and error by trying out different genre categories and search keywords. It was a lot of weekly and monthly work of experimenting and testing.

Manifest It! Publishing how to publish a book

In the summer of 2022, after publishing my three best-selling books and helping thousands of readers manifest their dreams, I launched Manifest It!® Publishing. With the team of my #1 best-selling editor and #1 best-selling book format/layout designer, we became the #1 best-selling publisher in three months! We are so happy to help aspiring authors who want to publish their dream books, and we have published a few #1 best-selling books since launching Manifest It!® Publishing.

Learning how to publish a book in 2017 was nerve-racking and stressful. So, if you want to cut down on a lot of time and trial and error with numerous searches for an excellent editor and book layout designer and months of testing out different genre categories and search keywords for your dream book to publish and sell, we help you with this.

Grab the FREE resource I’ve created for you to determine if you should publish your dream book and how close you are to the final steps of the publishing process:

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If you have any questions, please get in touch with me here, and I’ll respond to you via email ASAP. Happy publishing!

XOXO Jaclyn
#1 Best-Selling Author & Publisher, CEO of Manifest It!® Publishing

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