Hey Sensational Soul!

I’m on vacation right now, but I’ve had quite a bit of questions asked to me over these past 2 weeks about how one starts or advances their online business. I don’t teach programs about it, but I am happy to give tips to those of you who are interested. So here we go:

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is a compound effect.

1) Set up a blog, email subscription list, website, social media accounts, etc. and post each day. It does cost money, depending on the platform.

2) Pay auto-bots on Instagram to expose your profile/brand. It will expose you to thousands of people.

3) Get testimonials from people who have been helped by your content (you know, your purpose-work). Post your testimonials all over your platforms so others can see how your content helps others in their lives.

4) Pay Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to advertise whatever it is you want to advertise (books, brand, profile, etc.).

5) Invest in coaches who have done it to learn how to master your online business growth (or do it with trial and error over time, or both).

6) Charge for your programs (auto programs, Facebook group programs, however you do them), run freebie workshops/trainings to grow your audience, gift people sometimes (literally give freebies without any expected exchange), charge 1:1 clients and work with them to HELP them (remember, purpose-work).

7) Give free content each day on all your platforms (ex: blog, Facebook post Instagram, Pinterest, etc.).

8) Hire tech people to help you with things you may not know how to do on your website, blog, or with your auto programs.

9) Hire ad strategists or marketers to market your brand/products.

10) Have a team of clients to handle your customer service inquiries (if you can afford it).

11) Do the above and be consistent EVERY SINGLE DAY because little steps add up to big results. Do your mindset work, too, shift your beliefs that it can’t be done into that it CAN be done. You CAN do this, it’s a full-on commitment, full-on constant working behind the scenes, and full-on daily habitual action.

It is NOT 100% being on a yacht, being in the Virgin Islands with champagne around you 100% of the time (although that idea does sound nice). It IS hard work and it DOES take dedicated daily consistency.


Okay, that’s my in-a-nutshell how to grow an online business. The majority of your profits will come from your online programs and 1:1 clients. But, don’t just do it because you want the money, hell no! Do it because you want to HELP others along their soul’s journey. You want to HELP, not because you want a “get rich quick” method.

Remember, this is your soul’s PURPOSE work, so even if you don’t get paid a dime, you still keep going because it feels AMAZING to you to help others in their lives (in whatever your business may be).

Speaking of hope, I hope this has been helpful to those who have been asking about online businesses! Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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XOXO Journal Girl Jaclyn