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As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.- Proverbs 23:7

Hi Sensational Souls!

Happy weekend! I spent this morning doing my mindset journaling around how our thoughts shape our reality. I LOVE working to help the physicists I assist during the week. I think about the Universe every single day. Do you know your hand is an illusion? YES! You are made up of billions of tiny particles that are CONSTANTLY bouncing around throughout the air. We touch our hand and we VIBRATE the tiny particles to move around in a different way. How AMAZING is this!? So at any given moment we CHANGE how we view what is our “reality”. Push the skin on your hand and it changes the way you view your hand. Therefore, you change what you THINK and BELIEVE about what your hand looks like in this moment. When you let go of the skin on your hand, the tiny particles bounce around furthermore and yet, again, change how you view your hand. You change what you deem as real.

What you think about YOURSELF is what you vibrate into this world. Your ENERGY is constantly communicating to everyone around you and into the Universe. Your thoughts produce these tiny particle vibrations in your brain. Have you ever looked at medical imaging in how the brain is stimulated from thoughts and feelings? It’s phenomenal how all of our tiny fast-moving particles can produce what we view and deem as real. What you deem about YOURSELF is what you are communicating into our world and our Universe as reality. What do you think about yourself? How do you feel about yourself? How are you treating yourself? What kind of priorities do you have for yourself in your life and on a daily basis? Are you putting your own love for yourself first? Why or why not?

How you view, feel, and treat yourself IS what you are drawing towards you in other people’s energies. You are consciously and subconsciously communicating to other people’s energies. The Universe doesn’t know what is real and what is not real. I’ll say it again: it IS made up of tiny particles bouncing around 24/7. So the energy you are providing into the Universe is what the Universe is responding by giving back to you through its own reaction. The next time you state, “all the good guys are taken” or “all the good women are already married”, stop and EXAMINE the kinds of thoughts and feelings you ARE producing into the Universe rooted from your mindset. What you deem to believe is what is given TO you in response. Are you allowing your SOUL to communicate? Or, are you covering up your SOUL’s truest happiness by allowing your limiting thoughts to rule your life? Your SOUL is SO READY to follow its path and it IS ready to live life in your truest happiness! You CAN and you ARE worthy of living your life to your fullest potential and have the kind of loving relationships you truly desire!

Think of yourself as like a magnet attracting energy into your physical realm. What kind of energy do you WANT to attract? It all starts with YOU and how you feel about YOU on the inside: your thoughts, your feelings, your belief systems. It’s not too late to BE the kind of energy you want to attract into your physical realm. At any given moment in time you can take your hand and push the skin on your other hand to change its form, its reality. And at any given moment in time you can do the SAME with the kind of thoughts you CHOOSE to think, the kind of feelings you CHOOSE to focus on, and the kind of actions you CHOOSE to execute. And what I mean by “actions”, I also mean taking the actions of remaining stagnant in your life. Those ARE actions that you choose to undergo.

Love yourself. Love WHO you are by being WHO you want to attract into your life. Love yourself every single day. Lead by example. Who do you want to manifest into your life? BE that person, yourself. It’s not too late for you. You CHOOSE at any moment. You CAN choose at any moment.

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Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn