David Bowie Changes


Turn and face the strange…lookout, you rock ‘n’ rollers…pretty soon you’re gonna get older. – David Bowie

BIG changes are happening for me right now and ALL in the past 3 weeks:

My sweet dog passed away nearly 3 weeks ago

I published my brand NEW book, Don’t Feel Stuck with Money!

The My Manifesting Journal line of journals has been REDESIGNED

The Manifest It! podcast continues booking fascinating public figures in Hollywood, in journalism, and in the spiritual realm

I ManiFASTed an extra $12K

AND I AM MOVING TO CINCINNATI, OHIO IN 2 WEEKS! The University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, here I come! My twin-flame lives in Cincinnati.

The moment you surrender to the outcome of any desire you have is the moment it ManiFASTS to you, for you! So relax, trust the process, believe it IS possible for you, and take ManiFASTing actions to SHOW the Universe you mean business!

In the words of David Bowie, “turn and face the strange…pretty soon you’re gonna get older.” Change may feel strange in the beginning, but exposing yourself to it ALLOWS for ALL your desires to ManiFAST: Manifest Faster!

Need help learning how to ManiFAST? Grab my brand NEW book because in it I am your personal guide, step-by-step, you and me. I share with you exactly the methods I have used and continue to use to ManiFAST anything and everything I desire.

Now, it’s YOUR turn to receive!

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“Pretty soon you’re gonna get older…”, so why not start living your life with easy success and fulfilling happiness right now? I believe in you.

XOXO Jaclyn