Sometimes I feel exhausted from life, and sometimes I feel like climbing into bed and sleeping for about a week. Do you ever feel this way, the yearning of hibernating from the world? It’s not that you want to give up, you just want to take a BREAK from everything.

Sometimes we feel like we have to keep hustling 24/7 in order to make ANY progress with achieving our dreams and desires- in life and within our careers.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way all the time. I’m sending you a friendly reminder because we are so accustomed to believing:

hustle = success



I read the following article containing some helpful reminders for us while on our soul’s manifesting journey:

11 Ways to Easily Find Spiritual Alignment: Screw “The Hustle”

Which ones are you going to start implementing, or take up again, from the list? Or, what do you like to do to stay balanced, in general? Reply and let me know!

I’m super thankful to Sonya Matejko with I AM & CO for mentioning my work in her article!

Remember, you’re allowed to receive with ease.

XOXO Jaclyn