In case anyone needs a refresher on this Sunday:

How long does it take to get your desires?

Answer (Journal Girl Jaclyn):

It all depends on how much you trust, believe, and surrender to the Universe in knowing that it IS coming for you! As soon as you let go, surrender, and give up the control, and I mean seriously surrender and just ALLOW for the Universe to do its job because it IS working FOR you and your highest good, you will start to see blessings unfold!

Think about it this way: your desire is a fully put together puzzle. The Universe is taking the pieces (that you can’t see, but they ARE there, you just have to believe) and the Universe is putting the puzzle together FOR you. Your job is that you already ordered your desire (the puzzle put together), so now you just need to relax, trust, and believe that the Universe is putting the puzzle together- because it IS. Relax, trust, believe, and do things that leave you feeling GOOD and happy in your soul.

Your soul, your mind, and the Universe communicate to each other simultaneously. So focus on feeling GOOD and let the Universe work its magic! Don’t worry about HOW the Universe is putting this puzzle together, don’t worry about WHEN it will be put together, just have faith and have fun in the meantime while it IS happening! Know it is happening and ALLOW for it to happen by giving up the control.

The Universe WANTS you to have what you desire, or something even MUCH BETTER. It’s insanely amazing! I didn’t quite understand how much I was trying to control until I literally surrendered to the Universe and allowed for it to do whatever is best for me- then BAM! It all happened and quickly! So be excited and have FUN on your soul journey!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn