Hey, Beautiful Soul,

I have a blunt confession. It’s going to trigger some people- and it’s going to humanize me 2000%. I’m really scared to send it out into the Universe because I feel like it will mean I’m a failure in my soul’s purpose-work. Ever since the publishing company passed on my book I am feeling scared to self-publish it and here are my reasons:

The obvious one is I feel as if I’m not a good enough writer and won’t be able to help the amount of souls I truly want to help in the world.
My second published book made it to #3 in its category, but it hasn’t sold nearly as many copies as my first published book (it has sold around 9% of what my first book has sold).
I feel like I pour my heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into my books and into my work, but my personality doesn’t have the same “spark” as others because I’m direct and I hate BS. I don’t push the same gimmicks and false promises that some souls push who make millions of dollars doing it. I feel guilty if I were to do that, myself. I don’t like showboating or showing off; but, some leaders who do so, the masses “follow” in hopes to receive the same outcome for themselves. And while the masses follow, the person who is “the leader” makes more and more money off the masses, building up their “successful” image. And then it just snowballs…all for the money and lifestyle everyone keeps chasing. Not all leaders are this way, I want to stress this, but some leaders are.

Gimmicks & Fancy Material Items

I feel my soul being pulled into a direction and I’m not even sure where this direction is leading me. I don’t want to publish a “gimmick” book about manifesting more money. I want my book to be very transparent, even if transparency is not necessarily the “popular” way. I don’t want to mislead anyone, and I don’t want to play into false promising trends that others sometimes do. I am not one who gravitates towards high-end brands and fancy cars. I know it’s what “sells” when others see people with them. I realize these material items define “success” for some people. I am just…different.

These past 2 weeks I have been playing around with book titles for my new book. Do I go trendy with popular lingo? Or, do I go with straightforward like I have with my other 2 books?

Obviously, I want my book to sell, but I want it to sell to millions of people because they want the help around money mindset and manifesting more money into their physical realm.

I don’t want it to sell in order to make a quick $3.00 book royalty income.

If this is what makes me “not marketable”, then so be it. I am tired of being told my website is not professional looking. I’m tired of being told I need to change who I am and urge more engagement.

I am tired of trying to fit into a cookie-cutter money-making shape so that I grow my following and make more money.

Being Honest

The book cover and the book title is what people judge upon. People DO judge a book by its cover. And people DO judge a book by its title. People will tell you all day long, “don’t worry about vanity metrics” when it comes to social media and marketing. But you know what? People DO care about the follower count, the ranking, etc. because it’s what other people DO in order to make a quick decision about whether or not a person or item is worth their time.

You see, the rebellious ones like Lizzo (LOVE HER) kept on keeping on for 8 years and now she has made her breakthrough moment. SHE is the real deal. SHE is an amazing soul who understands how fake the world can be. Lizzo is my hero. Bruce Springsteen is my hero. And I’m going to be my own hero.

I urge YOU to be your OWN hero as well.

Forget about what “sells”. What are YOU doing that brings happiness to YOU? Reply and let me know! I really want to know because your happiness IS what the definition of true success IS. I believe in you, you’ve got this. Keep going, carpe diem!

XOXO Jaclyn

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