Hey Sensational Souls!

I had a GREAT birthday/vacation few days off and I am so thankful for everything and everyone in my life. THANK YOU, God/Universe/the angels!

I had some deep-rooted fears creep up to the surface the other day. I was a bit “off-kilter” in my level-headed personality. I was SCARED again. It felt so strange to me and I was afraid these past hauntings were going to remain. I WAS BEATING MYSELF UP about it so much within a 24-hour time-period. I have trust issues, just like anyone else. I have ALWAYS been a people-pleaser my entire life, always giving and giving, and giving and giving more and more. While I had some trauma in my life in the past, I woke up this morning realizing it IS in the past for a reason. It IS in the past now. It IS in the past. And this is where it needs to remain. It doesn’t define me NOW, it doesn’t define my PRESENT, nor does it define my FUTURE. It does NOT define my existence and my entire being of my soul. It doesn’t define ME.

My fearful thoughts are figments of past beliefs. They no longer serve me. They are NOT me in the present. They are NOT my soul. They are merely limiting thoughts that were, WERE, limiting beliefs.

So this is what I did this morning during my mindset journaling:

I wrote down around the page in bubbles all of my fears. Each fear was in one bubble. Then, I went to another page and wrote down all of my logical thoughts around my fears, really stepping outside of myself, and wrote them into bubbles. I wrote one logical thought per bubble on this other page. I thought to myself: what would I say to myself as an outsider looking in? If I were reading a book about this person feeling these fears, this character in the pages describing their fears, what would I tell this person in my response? What is the logic behind these fears? WHY am I having these fears- what happened in my past that I am still choosing to hold on to with regards to my fears?

I looked at my two pages of bubbles with fears written on the left side and logic written on the right side. Then I wrote a paragraph on another page weaving together a fear and the logical response to it. For example, “I am scared of getting hurt (taken from a fear bubble); however, I CHOOSE to believe I am open and allowing and feeling completely comfortable because EVERYTHING happens for a reason and for my soul’s highest good. This fear of getting hurt is a fear I am only choosing to focus on, it is NOT real any longer in my life because it is merely a thought with emphasis (taken from a logic bubble). I am trusting in the Universe, God, and the angels, I am trusting everything on my soul’s path is leading me to exactly where I want to be in my life. I TRUST and believe everything IS okay and is going to be okay as time goes on. I AM allowed to acknowledge and feel these limiting thoughts, and I AM choosing to release them because they no longer serve me for my soul’s highest good and for my present and future.

I am human just like each and every one of you. I, too, have fears; but, I CHOOSE to not allow them to control my entire life and my entire soul’s purpose in this world. I took those 24 hours and really tried to work through it all. And guess what? I DID! How empowering is this!!!? What we FOCUS ON expands. What are you choosing to focus on in your soul’s purpose in this world?

Everything IS okay and everything IS going to continue to be okay. KEEP GOING. You’ve got this.

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn