I was scared before I wrote my book. How were people going to receive it? How were my reviews going to be on Amazon? Would I ACTUALLY be able to help others? What if my writing wasn’t “good enough”? What if it completely flopped?

These are the kinds of thoughts I had while writing my book and getting it published. I always wanted to write a book, but for most of my life I allowed such fears to stall me and hold me back. So this is what I did:

▪ I took each day one at a time so I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed.
▪ I kept reminding myself that it’s natural and normal to have these feelings because I AM human.
▪ I made sure to do my mindset journaling around being thankful for everything I have in my life and writing out my new reality as IS in the present on a daily basis. I never allowed myself to skip a day because my soul and my mindset are so important for my growth and happiness. I started to feel inspired again!
▪ I closed my eyes and visualized my new reality for about 5 minutes each day.
▪ I listened to pleasing music as I wrote/worked with my editor.
▪ I meditated when I started to feel anxious, even if I meditated for just 1 minute, I stopped what I was doing in my day and re-centered myself.
▪ If I felt my fears were trying to creep to the surface, I would Google the answers of the questions I had about my “what ifs” so that I could gain knowledge around them. Doing this lessened my fears and anxiety. Knowledge is power.
▪ I did my self-affirmations: chill out, relax, and enjoy yourself because what you really want IS on is way to you and there is no need to doubt or worry! I have it saved in my phone to alarm me 3 times per day (to remind me), each day.
▪ I ended each day climbing into bed and stating in my mind everything that happened in the day that were good moments. I highlighted my favorite part of my day before falling asleep.
▪ I celebrated each and every step I took by way of inspired actions showing the Universe what I truly want. I literally just focused on one day at a time whenever I was feeling anxious. I gave myself a mental and emotional pat on the back. I became my own cheerleader.

Whatever has you feeling fears and anxiety so much that you are feeling stagnant, stuck, and doubtful…I hope these tips above have given you some ideas on how you CAN be the master of your own mindset. Remember, you are human. We ALL have ups and downs, NO ONE is 100% happy, 100% of the time. So get rid of that kind of mentality.

Understand that your soul is calling you, wants to communicate with you and with the Universe. Your soul has a purpose in life, and you ARE worthy of following its path. You ARE deserving to live your life in the way you feel so passionate and purposeful around it. Take each day one at a time when you are feeling overwhelmed. Be kind to yourself, be gentle to yourself. You ARE doing great! The Universe is truly working behind the scenes to HELP you because it knows what your soul truly desires. Have faith, be patient, trust, and believe because you ARE manifesting it. Each time you receive an inspired thought, this is your soul nudging you to take those inspired actions. Follow it! The Universe is trying to tell you to follow your soul’s guidance. The Universe is letting you know it’s okay! You’ve got this. Keep going!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn