Hey Sensational Soul!

I did some powerful mindset journaling today! You may or may not realize it, but EVERYTHING literally ties together when it comes to manifesting your new reality.

Example #1: Love

For example, if you are wanting to manifest your soulmate and ideal relationship in love, it literally also involves loving yourself first and foremost. No, I don’t mean the vain and narcissistic self-love. I mean actually understanding what your self-values and morals are in life.

What do you hold most important in your values when it comes to a commitment in a love relationship? What about your own self-values and his/her own self-values when it comes to commitment?

What are your non-negotiables when it comes to trajectories in a relationship? Do you want you and your soulmate to retire and live in the mountains one day? Or, do you want to own your own bed and breakfast together? What does the future look like with you and your soulmate when it comes to passions and hobbies?

What are your goals in your OWN future as well as for in a future WITH your soulmate?

Do you want marriage? Do you want kids?

Do you want your space and independence most of the time? Or, do you want to be with your soulmate the majority of the time?


Example #2: Dream Career

Another example is wanting to manifest your dream career. Being able to do so also means you must love yourself first and foremost because you must be able to know what your non-negotiables are in your dream career.

Do you want to work only 40 hours per week, Mondays through Fridays? Or, are you more flexible with your hours?

Do you want to stand all day while working, or is sitting something that is needed for you?

Think about your pay, too. What is your most ideal pay for your dream career? What is an income area that most definitely doesn’t work for you? And what would you be happy with in receiving your income?

What are some non-negotiables when it comes to your daily role in your dream career?

What are you willing to be flexible with when it comes to commuting to your dream career every day? Is it a 10-minute commute? 30-minute commute? Or, is working from home an option?


Do NOT Settle

Look at all these great and empowering Mastering Your Mindset prompts you can explore when it comes to whatever it is you are wanting to manifest! You ARE worthy to have exactly what you want, or something even BETTER is coming FOR you- trust the process and stay open to any and all possibilities that feel like a HELL YES to you. Do NOT settle. Whether it’s in love, your dream career, or anything else in life: do NOT settle. You are worth SO MUCH MORE than settling.

Time For Mastering YOUR Mindset

Answer this question 20 different times during your mindset journaling:

…If I gave myself TOTAL and FULL permission to love ALL of me right in this very moment, what actions would I take in my life?

There isn’t a wrong answer, this is for you and your answer is open to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! Get rid of that fear! Break up with it, fear does NOT come into play with the above question.

Re-read what you wrote and read it once per week. Set a reminder in your calendar or phone to remind you to read your answers. THIS is your soul calling you. We are NOT promised tomorrow, so what are you waiting for!?


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I seriously did my mindset journaling every single day around my soulmate and ideal love relationship, I did NOT skip one single day, and after 10 months he literally came into my life. The best part? I didn’t have to force anything, the Universe delivered and it delivered way MORE than I could have ever imagined in my life. So GET IN THIS GROUP when the doors open in a few days! If you are seriously ready to commit to manifesting your soulmate and ideal relationship, send me a message on Facebook and I’ll make sure to notify you when the doors open again soon!

Have a great week!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn