Hey Amazing Soul,

Do you spend at least 5 minutes per day practicing your visualizations? 5 minutes per day, that’s ALL you really need. Whether you perform your visualizations through Mastering ManiFASTing journaling, or by laying down and closing your eyes, these crucial 5 minutes per day lead up to massive results!

If you are manifesting your twin flame, your dream career, growing your empire, more abundance into your life, becoming a parent, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING…the Law of Attraction formula is simple:

– Use visualizations each day for at least 5 minutes.

Write down everything you desire thanking the Universe for already having received them. Close your eyes and do the same as you imagine all the details of colors, sounds, the feeling of textures, the people around you, etc. from what you wrote down.

Thank you, Universe, for…because…

This is why I love to write into reality because I thank the Universe for everything as if I already have it. Then, right before bed each night, I will lay back and close my eyes imagining the scenarios playing out from what I was journaling.

Why not have the best of both worlds by doing double the visualization? ManiFAST!

When you write you automatically visualize, and when you close your eyes and imagine you’re doing the same thing. It’s double the powerful vibrations!

So, take 5 minutes each day, take mental time-outs from life, and have fun CREATING from your brain.

You’ve got this!

XOXO Jaclyn

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